Thursday, January 10, 2013

Open Comment To Stephanie Zvan

I figure since PZ Myers is too chickenshit to leave my comment up on his blog I cant be too careful (more on PZ soon) So while reading a blog on Stephanie Zvan's site I thought I would leave a comment there. Trouble is Stephanie isn't exactly my bff (ophelia benson is though, she LOVES me)  So just in case I will leave my comment here and send her a link. Here is the link to the post Almost Diamonds
Your welcome for any meager traffic Stephanie.

 Stephanie I wonder if you ever get tired of the way you have to "drama it up" in order to get a response out of people.  Maybe if you didn't grasp onto every little thing and build it into a high school play you would get more respect from people at least.Did you really take Renee's comments to mean this-

"This idea that I should stop drinking, though–that’s toxic. So, hey, you were sexually assaulted. You should just stop living your life rather than cope with some distress. "

or this
"I should be (figuratively) jailed. If I can’t pretend in every particular that it never happened, I should give up my life."

Really Stephanie? Come on are you really that dumb? I mean I can kinda understand playing the drama up when I called you a bitch. Which is clearly what you were doing. You see, I'm not dumb, I get it. The problem is you had a terrible thing happen to you and all this over dramatic crap takes from the message. Along with some serious mistakes, such as-

"Or do they teach that in counseling for sexual assault? I’m pretty sure they don’t, which makes the counseling comment flat out stupid in addition to being grossly inappropriately personal. Especially since what they would have done in counseling, if the counselors were good, was try to help me live as normal a life as possible, making the accommodations I needed. In fact, they would have suggested I do more or less exactly what I did, at least once I was of legal drinking age."

           Yes, they do teach 'that' in counseling for sexual assault. I am sure you don't know because you never even tried to get help. The comment no matter how it was delivered was good advice. Many women think they can "just get over it" but they don't. They need help. You don't know if they would have told you to do exactly what you did.
 The reality of the matter is both you and Renee should talk to a professional about your feelings on your abuse, no matter how 'ok' you feel. Not to be a total asshole but you really should be a bit more responsible before you start saying no one could or would have taught you about drinking because if a young person is reading then they could end up in the same place as you. You might want to include a phone number for anyone who can relate and would like to find some help or learn more. Like say this
  Maybe you would have thought about doing that if you were not so caught up in trashing other people and milking drama.
You know Stephanie Al and I have discussed having you on ReapSowRadio and we think you may well be the one who can actually stand up and back your shit up. Watta you say? I promise I won't call you a bitch. I really would like to understand how you come to your conclusions. Besides if I am a dick it will be in public for all to see, right?


 Anthony K you are just toxic. Why don't you start your own blog instead of just leeching on others? I may be a jerk sometimes but I pick my battles and I have a reason, you are a stupid prick to people just because, Loser.
And the rest of you, wow. You are some cold fuckers. It really is too bad that many of you will one day find out what it is like to have a loved one in harms way with nothing you can do about it. I hope the shit you said here comes to mind. If any of you can say you already know what I'm talking about then shame on you. How can you claim to have compassion when talking shit about an abuse victim who's BF is having a health scare at least?  And lastly why don't you all quit acting like you have psychic powers. The internet doesn't give you the ability to know everything about other people you've never met.Sorry. I admit I don't know jack shit about what any of you have going on in your heads and I don't wanna know cause it has got to be a twisted fucking place in there for you to say some of the shit I'm reading here.WTF?


  1. I think it would be great is the Zvan accepted your offer to be on with you and AL. Now that would be "must listen radio".

  2. I would be very surprised if she did your show even if she wanted to it would seem to the others that she was breaking ranks & we've all seen the fate of anyone they thinks deviated from the script (Love mixing my metaphors,lol). Anyway i would love to hear that show as i suspect would many others, it's just that i can't see it happening.

  3. You think I've been talking about alcohol because of alcohol abuse?! Only you, Reap. Only you.

    Why on Earth would I want to spend my precious time talking to someone who can't comprehend something as basic as that?

  4. Stephanie, your only defense, is a lousy offense?

  5. Stephanie Zvan are you really as foolish as to think I don't know exactly what you are doing? You could have picked anything and used it as an out but that is a weak excuse. Your time is only precious because you spend it talking about you. I'm sorry I assumed you would stand behind your words. The problem is you think I am only talking about alcohol abuse when that isn't the case at all. You claim that no one is good enough to counter your argument I take you up on your claim and you slither out from it claiming you are too good to even talk to me about it. You need to check yourself Stephanie. Go look at the list of people who have taken time to spend an hour talking to me. I have ONE PODCAST with 114 different atheists/skeptics who have all thought I was intelligent enough to talk to. That's just one podcast Stephanie. Trust me you aren't that good let this be proof that you can not back up all your big talk. Maybe that is because you need counseling and refuse to admit it not for substance abuse but for your self esteem issues. You seem to think very little of yourself and are using your blog to hide that problem. It is like your secret identity where you are always the hero. Sorry Stephanie I'm not a villain, All I did was ask you to support your position in a public forum, you can't or won't do that. This indicates you are well aware of the fact you are full of shit. Keep in mind Stephanie sometimes no answer is an answer and this is a public forum too. Your response is sad I'm sorry you don't believe in your own words strongly enough to defend and support them.

  6. If she does the show can I call in? I would love to hear her explain her drama juxtaposed with her defense of Greg Laden, and potentially involving innocent people in their crazy. And maybe she can give me a head's up what additional harassment they plan.

  7. I think Reap should cut you a break. You are probably too busy defending Greg Laden against shit you condemn when anyone else does it.

  8. You are always welcome...trouble is these shit talkers can only peck away at a keyboard. Not a single one can stand behind their words. Funny Steph has time to blog about me but not to talk to me...very telling

  9. This whole holier than thou cast of some Greek tragedy is hypocrisy on a loop. Reap, man, not everyone has the balls to walk their talk like you and your crew. If Hitchens had lived to see this bullshit all over atheism he would have pulled their bratty pants down and would have been demonized like Dawkins, Barker, and Harris for it.

  10. Posts like this one are actually a great example of religious thinking. You've ignored the real life story and substituted a made up version that fits your biases.

    And why would Zvan go on your show? So you can scream "fuckingbitch!11!!" at her to her face?

    What a fucking joke.

  11. Yeah, not everyone can scream "FUCKINGBITCH" repeatedly into a microphone like you can. That's a real rare talent you have there...

  12. I didn't make anything up so get fucked. Yea all I ever do is scream "fucking bitch" at my guests.Are you really that stupid? Stephanie won't come on cause she is afraid she will have to explain herself and she can't do that. The fucking joke is that you think you know something cause you know jack shit. Quit wasting my time with accusations but no examples moron.