Friday, January 4, 2013

A public reply to Adam Lee from Daylight Atheism

Think humans adam...humans

  You may remember my mention of Adam Lee. Well it seems he has his own version of events and has posted about them here. In my opinion this is Adam's attempt to backpedal from his lame position on my behavior. Adam still insists on referring to a gif file of a dog dry humping a cow as pornography. I'm not sure if Adam has a wife but if he does I hope she suffers as little as possible while in Adam's company, it must be terribly painful at times. In case Adam Lee is planning on 'losing' my reply I am posting it here so that it will continue to offer a more realistic look at the events Adam started into motion......

   Adam you have never even taken a moment too try and talk to me. You don't know a thing about me. The only reason you even started to give me so much of your attention is because Al Stefanelli was using you to wipe up the floor in a debate you were having with him. You suddenly had a problem with me calling Stephanie Zvan a bitch. Ok, well where I come from we talk like that. I don't reserve the term bitch for any particular gender or social class it is a relatively generic term. I was just as likely to have called her a dick. If anyone who never uses slang to refer to another person wishes to criticize me, that is one thing. I wonder how many people have never used the term "bitch"  or any other slang term because you can't say one is worse than another if one is wrong they all are wrong.
 You also seem to lack an understanding of some words Adam. Misogyny is not defined by a male having a disagreement with a female. Try understanding the words you are going to use when describing others, especially when you are trying to harm their reputation. Stephanie Zvan was not crushed by my calling her a bitch, in fact she made a public post informing me that I was to address her as a "fucking effective bitch" .Why is it Stephanie Zvan is not being called out for endorsing the use of the word when addressing her?
     I have been doing a live radio show on Tuesdays for the last 5 years Adam. I have had Eugenie Scott, Brian Dunning, Mr Deity, PZ Myers as just some of the guests. I have covered all types of subject matter from gun laws, to racism, to drug addiction, politics, almost any subject you can think of I have also been doing another podcast for the last 1 1/2 years interviewing atheist in order to remove some of the misconceptions about atheism. On that podcast I've had David Silverman, Matthew Chapman, DJ Grothe, Greta Christina and over 100 other individuals. The podcasts are all available. Never once has any of my guests ever claimed I was anything less than respectful and pleasant. I helped the women who founded Secular Woman do a podcast that would help launch their project. I have a blog that has been my outlet for addressing unfair accusations such as yours as well as share my thoughts on the world in public for all to see. You can take your snapshot of me and try to paint me in whatever background you wish Adam. I can not do much about that, but anyone who actually takes the time to talk to me instead of attacking without knowing any of the details will probably find me to be a pretty nice guy. I am outspoken and lack tact maybe but I don't lie about people and I make it clear my opinions about people are just that, my opinion. I also don't allow some one I've never heard of trash me in a public forum. If you don't like my radio show no one is forcing you to listen. You were the one who started this and you didn't even have the testicular fortitude to do it to my face, you talk shit behind my back like a rodent nibbling on a crumb of toast in the shadows hoping no one could hear the sound of crunching bread.
 As far as you trying to instruct me on the words I am allowed to use or how I spend my time and on what, you can forget it. I don't know what caused you to believe you are an authority on anything or have it over anyone but it simply is not the case. The sooner you accept that fact the better for you because most people do not like strangers running up and ordering them around. I think I have done my best to show how ignorant you are about me Adam I have very little respect for men like you but I do have a healthy amount of pity because I think you are probably doomed as a slave to your need to be somebody. Allow me to close with a thank you (not so much heartfelt as an example of irony) for the attention. Your condemnation has failed miserably Adam I'll add the resulting pity to the pile.


  1. Well said. Most of the problem lies in the fact that feminist seem to be coming into the Atheist/Skeptical arena & telling us that we've all been doing it wrong. When they tried to start up their own thing with A+ most would have left them alone to get on with it if it wasn't for the fact they called it A+ (meaning better) & some of the FtB contributors saying that unless we were with them we weren't as good/against them. They seem to have a problem acknowledging this? Their hypocrisy & attacks on individuals like DJ Groethe, Justin Vacula, Richard Dawkins & Michael Shermer were appalling yet they double down & never apologize. Quite simply, they're arrogant.