Sunday, May 1, 2011

Across The Board Game

I know this has been talked about a little bit, seems towards the end of last year a lot of local and state governments were actually doing it.
  I am wondering why we are not even discussing it.
   Cut the budget across the board. There should be very little if anyone spared from this cut. I would like to see programs for the disabled and elderly left alone. Those people either can't do anything to help themselves or shouldn't have to, they have paid their dues.
     I don't know what percentage this cut would have to be I have heard 5% but even if it was 10% so what?
I have taken a paycut over the last 3 years that is at least equal to 10%. My company has not given a raise in pay for the last 3 years. The lowest percentage I could have received was 3% that alone comes close to 10%. If you factor no longer matching 401k contributions, and no bonuses due to the drop in business hurting our bottom line then that number goes even higher.
  Is there any one elected leader out there who has even suggested this type of plan?  Why not?
   Don't get me wrong, I think their are plenty of other things we need to take a close look at such as the taxes on the rich. I wonder when we are going to stop fucking around and allowing the Republican idiots make stupid excuses for why they don't want to tax the rich. Every time I listen to some idiot try to rationalize his stand on tax cuts for wealthy Americans  it makes me embarrassed for them and for us as a country. It's like we have lost the ability to use our voices in any type of intelligent manner. Instead we allow big mouth idiots  to distract us, we waste countless hours debating stupid suggestions made by ignorant people, and we blunder along trying to figure out how to move forward instead of backwards.
   Any moron who thinks it will be helpful to anyone if we spend more time trying to repeal health care needs to shut the hell up. To spend more time working to repeal it is foolish and then if that effort was successful what do we do? Go back to the old way? Work out and debate yet another plan? Come on, let's at least be realistic. Even if you are not happy with the plan it is something different rather than doing the same damn thing over and over. Let's see how it goes, and then get rid of what does not work, I can't believe every aspect of the health care reform bill is doomed to utter failure. Is it perfect? Probably not. Is anyone out there going to tell me we shouldn't make any changes until we have a perfect plan to put in place?
  If we make cuts to everything equally across the board  no one can complain. Everyone tightens their belt the same amount and best of all....It keeps those insane half-witted republicans from trying to cure the deficit by sacrificing the elderly and the poor to their god of the almighty dollar. I'll tell you this I'm not going to lump all republicans in a pile but the vast majority (and on some days all) of the small-minded, bigoted, self-righteous,intolerant, homophobic crap I read and hear about these days comes from the mouths of republicans. People are not going to keep putting up with it fellas, get with the times or get out of the way.

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