Friday, April 29, 2011

The Trump Card

    Donald Trump. I have never been real fond of Mr Trump, not for any one specific reason, just don't like him.
There is just something about him, and I trust my 'something' sensor (also known as 'the little voice')
  But, if I was to be forced, I could probably share some thoughts......
  Why come out punching at the current president about something as lame as his birth certificate? The issue had been resolved to the satisfaction of all the sane people out there. The only people who still had an problem were the ones who would tell you Obama was born on a sandy middle-eastern knoll even if you took them back in a time machine and allowed them to cut Obama's umbilical cord while they drank margaritas on the beach while hula dancers performed for the occasion.
   I guess Trump thought this was where he wanted to start building his base supporters. Maybe he used the following logic "If I can get those morons to buy into my spiel they will be hooked forever, look at the Kennedy thing" 
   And if Trump is such a bad-assed business man, with so much power why can't he get a little info on whether the president's birthplace is really in the USA? I can understand if John Conspiracy can't manage the resources to find out if his peas really came from a can much less info on the validity of Obama's birthplace.You would think Trump, being a successful business man, would be able to get a little insight on the matter from people more credible than the Area 51 Lodge members.
  Then when Obama does what is equal to the smart kid using algebra to make the dodge ball hit the loudest kid in class right in the mouth, the loud kid gets up and shouts "GOT HIM!"
  Why Trump actually expects people to think he won this battle is beyond me. I was thinking someone might need to get him a towel for his bloody nose.
  You are probably wondering what's next. What else does Donald have in his extremely expensive bag full of tricks? Well, in case you missed it, he already whipped it out.
 The next strategic move is for Donny to use a gig speaking in front of a Republican women's group to his advantage by cussing at/about the enemy. The enemy, to Trump it seems, is the current leadership, the Chinese, and anyone who has to do with oil. While I would agree that many of the people Trump was talking about do fit his description and I would like to tell them...wait, let me use Donald's words, he's so cool "Listen you fuck, we're gonna tax you 25 percent." or "You're not gonna raise that fucking price, you understand me?"  
 In fact, I'm gonna try that on the guy at the gas station on the corner. I wonder how that will work out...yea, it won't work. Most likely the dude is going to tell me to go fuck myself and then tell me he is going to charge me an extra nickel a gallon for being a dick.
    While listening to what Donny said at the women's meeting was extremely entertaining and I have to admit Donny got some points from me for having the balls to do it. A leader it does not make, not a leader of people anyway. I have a habit of telling people they are stupid whenever I feel they deserve it. I do it when I am done trying to work things out. I do it after some effort has been made. Trump hasn't even scheduled a meeting. When(or big IF) he does ever manage to meet with the people he has already told indirectly to fuck off because they are stupid, what do you think they are gonna be thinking?
   If I need to talk to my neighbor about his dog taking a dump on my front lawn all the time do I spend the week before on my cell phone in the front lawn saying things like "I'm going to tell that lop if he doesn't do something about that dog I'm going to make soup out of it and serve it at the homeless shelter, then I'm going to bang his wife" Well, I could do that but....
   Now a few words for the people out there who may be dreaming of  'President Trump' buttons pinned to their sweaters.....Sure he seems cool, telling those people you hate to fuck off and not taking any of their shit. Trump does it his way and those losers will do it his way too. Think about this...... How long before you become the ones who don't want to do it the Trump way and he is telling you to go fuck yourself? Oh, it will that you fucking moron.

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