Monday, April 18, 2011

Atheist Action Figures

Have not had the chance to blog lately...been busy....really busy.
"On what?" you ask. "I'm glad you asked" I reply.
I do a podcast called ReapSowRadio it's an Atheist doing talk radio about whatever the hell he wants and it is something I enjoy doing very much.
So I updated the website ReapSowRadio

   I also have, as one of my many side projects,  this site KSP  
Then there is the on-line store...which has been moving pretty well Art Outspoken
 And it is official, I will be simulcasting my friend The SaintsRevenge when he does his Atheist TV program on Tuesdays at 3pm pst/6pm est. 
   There is one more thing I am working on and if I can pull it off then it will be yet another instance of Atheists and Skeptics showing their presence. I like Freethought Radio but it is tough to get in touch with whoever it is running the site. That's the only hint you get.
Now back to work....

ReapSowRadio live every Tuesday at 3pm pacific on

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