Saturday, April 9, 2011

god's plan

You are going out for a special evening with the woman that you love. Do you just play it by ear? Do you simply hope the restaurant has a table? Do you just assume the theater is in a good neighborhood? No you don't do those things, you plan it out, if you didn't then that love of your life would begin to see you as an inept fool.
Calling to make sure the dinner table is available and in a comfortable spot and using google map to check what kind of neighborhood you will be walking hand-in-hand through. And at the end of the night you will be happy about the choice you made to stop and buy those condoms before the night began....your good planning not only results in a great gets you laid.
Do you go into the managers meeting at work with out any way to take notes? Probably not.
You are going to take a road trip do you buy a map? Fill up the car with gas before you leave? Chances are you do.
Now why do you plan ahead? Because things go smoother, less unwanted surprises. Does you planning always result in a flawless journey? I think we all know the answer to that.
Many times when some event causes the suffering of others religious people will chalk it up to 'god's plan'. They will shake their heads sadly and tell you how god has a plan and all the suffering that seems so meaningless to us will somehow make sense at some point in the future when god reveals his 'plan'
I wonder what plan could possibly include the suffering of innocent children and the torment of those who know nothing of this grand plan, all they know of is the horror they must endure before their time here on earth ends.
I would ask those who believe in a god who has a secret plan which includes allowing countless children to starve, young girls to be raped, young boys to have their lives destroyed by those they trust most, men who represent god, what kind of creator is it you embrace?
Why would a being who has created everything we know to exist make such a plan? Why a plan that leaves his children in darkness to suffer for unknown reasons? What possible need could there be to cause such horrible suffering of totally innocent beings?
If you are made in his image then your thought process should in some way mimic god's also shouldn't it?
I would love to hear how such behavior is explained so that anyone can suddenly exclaim "YES! It all makes sense now!"
I'm sorry I just can not see that happening and every time I hear about a child who dies of a horrible disease or is born with a defect that causes them to suffer every minute of their lives, every time I hear about a young girl raped, tortured, and murdered, every time I hear the story of a young man forced to do unspeakable things to a priest, every time I think about people who are blown to pieces because someone else thinks their god has demanded it, I think that it gets a little bit harder to believe some higher power has allowed these things to happen because it has a plan.
If there is a plan it sucks and makes no sense. If the day ever comes when I come face to face with a entity who has come up with this type of plan I plan to ask it some serious questions......

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  1. I've always wondered why an omnipotent god wasn't smart enough to not put souls into the fertilized eggs that it knew weren't going to make it to birth.