Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Proof of god??

I hear this a lot of times from religious people..."you cant prove god does not exist, so he does"
This is usually followed by a folding of arms and a smug look. Once and a while someone will say the above phrase and give me a wink as to say "Now I got ya!"
I would like to answer this like I have a thousand times before.
If you want to believe in a god, any god because no one can prove it/he/she does not exist then you must, in fairness believe in anything anyone could imagine.
This means you must believe in any imaginary figures you see in movies or cartoons. You must believe in the delusions of people you would call crazy. You must also believe in the monster your kid thinks lives in the closet and wants to eat them whenever the lights go off. You must have faith in aliens from other planets. You must believe in a magnetic pendant that cures cancer while it is around your neck. You must believe in water having memory of medicines that are diluted so strongly, your mind can not even grasp the number of zeros involved. You must believe in ghost, demon possession, and people being given directions by god to kill their children.
If the logic you follow is 'everything is possible if you believe' that would make you good a a writer for Disney movies. That same logic would also make you and idiot when it comes to real life.....


  1. Better then my response....You're an idiot is what comes to mind when they pull that.

  2. I would have said "Well you can't prove he exist" it can go both ways because if you can not prove he doesn't exist how can you prove he does exist