Monday, August 16, 2010

Imagine This....

I have written about the weakness some people have with imagination. I figured it would be time to clarify things a bit...
Imagination can be a good thing, it helps us to achieve things. Imagination gives us something to aspire to. It is because of the imagination of man, and woman, we have progressed in so many ways.
This is not to say imagination is always a good thing. Like I have said before, if you believe in everything and think it to be true or possible then that is just silly.
People need to realize the imagination is both a blessing and a curse on mankind. While it helps us reach new levels of understand and grow possibilities, it also has the power to stifle us if we let it become reality before it's time.
Use your imagination to entertain you and to help mankind progress but please do not allow it to hold us back.


  1. This may come as a shock to you, Reap---- I don’t have a big problem with religion….. I have opinions on religion, and I just don’t buy what religious people are trying to sell me.

    I’m actually FOR religious freedom--- just so long as religious people aren’t trying to force their religious views on the masses via legislation, etc.

    I DO have a problem with religious people who claim to know for a fact that some god-thing actually exists, that they know exactly what this god-thing wants from/for us, and that they then frequently proceed to substitute their aforementioned “pseudo-knowledge” for actual “facts” or “evidence” into what would otherwise be “rational” discussions (i.e. political debates, etc.)………. because that’s all just bullshit.

    Furthermore, I see nothing wrong with sharing my particular views on religion with religious people……. they obviously feel free to share their beliefs with me. In fact---many try to proselytize door to door here (now…. just IMAGINE the outrage we’d see expressed from religious folks here if atheists were to do something similar).

    The double standard in our society is clear……… the masses are expected to show deference to religious people, while religious people should feel free to impose their religious views on the masses---- via legislation or otherwise.

    They say that they’re speaking for some god-thing, right? I guess that means we should just believe them……….. even if they are just people themselves……. even if they cannot prove that the god-thing that they speak of even exists. They KNOW it’s true…….. they said so.

    Again…….. bullshit.

    “Belief” ≠ “Knowledge”.

  2. Very fine line there=)