Monday, August 16, 2010

What did god mean???

The gays have been once again put off in CA because of Prop 8. Prop8, in case you don't know, is basically supposed to help keep the definition of the word marriage limited to referring to a man and a woman. This is a result of religious beliefs (christian). If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, they are full of shit. I don't get the problem with the people who support Prop8 . Who cares,really? If two people love each other let them live happily ever after.
I can tell you my thoughts on what were to happen if this was a case of other things the bible tells christians. Let's start with slavery. If there were a proposition to allow slavery because the word is sacred and 'god's word', what do you think would happen today? I can give a pretty good guess......There would be cities burning, cars overturned, people killed.
Let's move on to stoning...the bible speaks of stoning people. Again a sacred word of god, which must be followed because the creator has told us in a book of his holy message.
Working on Sunday....all you christians who work on Sunday are going against the wishes of god.
Let's use the same logic applied to the word marriage and think of the word 'Sunday' in the same context. Sunday is a holy day, and no one shall work on that day. Do not dare change its meaning, to deviate from the holy bible. Anyone who works on Sunday will be put to death. Too bad for you.....
Let's stop and think about the results of that for a minute....ok, less than that because the thought is quite disturbing isn't it?
Aren't we damn lucky the gays are patient? Isn't it funny how the christians have picked THIS ONE WORD and clung to it while allowing so many others to remain because it suits them.
The little voice in my head whispers the phrase 'taken out of context' little voice always makes a good point. Are all the above examples 'taken out of context' except the marriage issue?? I don't think so. What I think is it is just a bit more proof the bible is not the word of god. The bible is the word of men who didn't know any better at the time it was written. Those days have passed and we do know better now, at least we should.................


  1. Damn STRAIGHT! (pun intended)

    -- Sheldon : )

  2. ha ha ha ha! youre all so funny!!!....