Friday, August 13, 2010

The 'good' Book?

I have an issue with people who follow the bible....I also have a question....WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU??!!
Ok, so I know many of you have heard it all before just hang out while I vent a bit.
The bible is supposed to be the word of god. You cant pick and choose what you want to follow. Very simple. Any damn moron could figure it out. Bible=god's word.
Then you MUST follow god's word if you believe it actually is.
That means..(among other things)
-You believe in owning slaves
- you are all good with rape
-god will cause you to burn for eternity if you screw up (note: you will have gone insane in the first 5 minutes of this process, and the rest will be pretty pointless)
-killing innocent people is ok if god signs off on it
-women have no real place except to serve males
I could go on all day long but I think you get the point. If you don't get the point then you are a bit fucked up (sometimes profanity is called for)
Let me say this real slow for's....word....
Would the creator speak with a hidden meaning? REALLY? Is he testing you?
If he is testing you it would seem a bit unfair. You never even got a book with FACTS to study with.
Just think about it...if the person/thing that created all we know were to write a book to help us find him would he have written it so that all it did was cause doubt to intelligent people??
I think not......


  1. I would love to see someone come out and argue your points. Then again, how would they? Great blog!

  2. I was brought up Catholic then became a Christian ,as of now I dont believe in organized religion and Yes I have found many things in the Bible to be contradictory. In one sentence it says God is all forgiving and in another its says all my non christian friends are going to burn in hell. It also states that sin is sin, there is no degree of sin. So what that is saying is a child molester will be judged the same as a fornicator ...really???? The Bible was written thousands of years ago(BY MAN)and its a reflection of its time . I do believe in God, I cant help but look at the world and think "hey every design needs a designer". I try to live my life as best I can without stepping on anyone's toes or judging others for what they believe and how they live there lives and above all Ill just keep praying for your soul Reap !!! lol

  3. Hey Reap, a very logical argument...which, as we know, goes beyond the capabilities of the average brainwashed (whether from cradle or by participating in their own when older - but no wiser) xian. Still, you summed it up quite nicely. Thanks for the blog, i've bookmarked it.

  4. great blog....imagine replacing every reference to the bible with "quran" and every reference to god with "allah". Same post, same issues, different audience. But it often seems if one would do that, one may get accused of racism, bigotry, islamophobia etc....just sayin.......