Sunday, July 18, 2010


First part of a story I am writing...nevermind the errors...they will be fixed, just wanted to share it....

Opening the bar was always a pain in the ass. Why couldn't he find good bartenders? Terry put down the rag he had been using to wipe down the bar-top and went out to have a smoke. He sat on the bench in the 'smoking area', pulled out his lighter which should have been dead a long time ago yet still provided a flame, and lit a cig. As he watched the smoke wonder up through the warm air he said to himself "I wish I could find some good help around here" The words were smoken with a mouthful of smoke and as soon as he had said them, the phone rang. As he got up to answer it he cussed under his breath that his break had been cut short. As he walked back into the bar the bush near the door caught his sleeve. "GOD DAMNIT" Terry said to the shrub. "I gotta get that cut back" he said to himself.
Terry rushed to answer the phone not wanting to have cut his break off for nothing. "Hello?" he asked into the cordless phone. A female voice answered back "Hi, I was wondering if you were hiring bartenders. I'm really good and I am working now, but my boss is a fucking perv and I am sick of his shit." Terry felt like he had just been hit in the face by the quick delivery of words. "Well, I can set up an interview if you would like to come in" "You aren't some jerk who can't keep his hands to himself are you?" The voice asked back. "Um, no. I just run my bar" Terry said, not sure why he was even still talking to this woman. "My name is Renee, when do you want me to come in?" "How about tomorrow at 11am? Do you need the address?" "Nope, got it. See you then, thanks" click. She was gone. Terry thought to himself...I wonder what will come of that...then he went back to wiping down the bartop while he waited for Ron to get to work. He was going to rip him him a new asshole.
The light from the front door came through shining through the half dozen beer glasses and gaining attention from one person in the bar. Terry watched as Ron walked in slowly making his way towards the back of the bar. Thirty minutes late and he can't even act like he cares. "Ron! I need to talk to you before you get started" Ron nodded his head and kept walking to the back. Terry followed him. "Ron, what's up man?" "I overslept,tough night last night" Ron said.
Terry knew Ron was full of shit because he saw the numbers Ron had done the night before. "Bullshit man. Look I am sick of coming in to open and having to do the closing list before I can even get started. Nothing is stocked, the bartop is so sticky it's like someone has been jerking off on it. Your paperwork is full of stupid mistakes. Then you have the nerve to come in thirty-minutes late without even a fuck call to let me know what's up" "CAN I GET A GOD DAMN DRINK OR WHAT?!" Shit! Terry had left the front unattended! "BE RIGHT THERE!" Terry hollered back. "Stay here, I will be right back" Terry went to the front of the bar and gave a bud-light to an old timer who thanked him by whispering "bout damn time"
Terry figured he could use a smoke before he went back to talk to Ron. He sat on the outside patio and watched as smoked gathered around his head. "I just wish people like Ron would drop dead" he said to no one who was present. Terry finished his smoke, kicked the but with a quick flick of the wrist and went back in to talk to Ron.
Terry came around the corner into the break-room. As he walked in he noticed a hat sitting on a chair when Ron had been. On the floor Ron was still choking on his own tongue. "RON! What the FUCK!" Terry knelt down and watched as Ron was squirming around like a snake.
"SOMEONE CALL 911!!!" Terry shouted not sure if anyone heard. Ron was grasping his own throat. Terry could see him turning blue. Ok, cub-scouts....what did they teach me? Terry thought....pull his tongue out....."fuck that" said a voice in the back of Terry's head....I am notsticking my finger in his mouth....HE IS BLUE! "People are not blue" Terry sad to himself and despite the voice he put his finger in Ron's mouth. Ron, bit down and cut through both flesh and bone. terry screamed again looking down and saw his finger hangin out of Ron's mouth as he put a stump in his mouth out of instinct."That fucker bit my fucking finger off!"
The old timer who was screamin for a beer came to the back, still holding his bud-light. "Holy mother of christ! What the hell are you guys doin back here!"
The sirens screamed as they came up on the Thirsty Toad....Ron was very dead by the time they got to him. Terry's finger was hanging out of his mouth and his eyes were looking into a void only the dead know. The driver pulled out Terry's finger and wrapped it in an ice pack. His partner shot Ron full of drugs to try and cure his condition.....Ron would never serve a drink again.
Terry was sitting in ER. The doctor had come in 5 minutes before and told him his finger was going to be tossed in the waste bin....Not in so many words but to Terry the eloquent words were nothing. The doctor may as well have said "Your finger will be used to make hot dog meat"
At least I am tough Terry though as the nurse came to lead him into surgery so he could gain some staples and a nice prescription to kill the throbbing pain n his hand.

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  1. You know I like it. I'm having dreams about it. Can't wait til it's finished.