Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have never seriously thought about killing myself. I have been pissed about life at times but to take my own life has never been one of the choices to deal with any issues. Having said that, I have never known any serious hardship, I have been lucky.
Some people are not as lucky as I.
The unemployment rate in this country continues to grow and the suicide rate for people without work is 2 to 3 times that of the national average. The longer the rate stays high the more likely it is that a person who has taken their own life is someone who has lost a job and can not find another.
People work to buy a home and build a family, to grasp the American dream. That dream is going away quickly for a lot of Americans. The sad part is.. they had the dream and it has been snatched away by the economy.
We have young men fighting overseas, they are looking at things worse than our nightmares. The problem is they can not wake up from it, get a drink of water and go back to sleep in a warm bed. They have to live it. And as I have said before...I don't know about these things in real life, I can only imagine....and that itself disturbs me.
The little voice in the back of my head is the reason I am writing tells me some people don't realize what is going on in our country, it tells me we are too detached from the war now... we are calloused.
We need to understand even though we have not known real hardship that does not mean others are not going through things we only dream about in our nightmares.
This country is still in bad shape. We need to make sure, as we sit on our nice couches and watch CNN, while sipping on wine and eating a nice steak, others are suffering. We need to take at least some small action to acknowledge these facts.
When people are killing themselves while we sit back and watch......we have bad tendencies


  1. "we have bad tendencies" is ever so correct. I don't know how to leave my Link here, I'm posting Anonymous, but I'll leave my FB ID here. I always side with you on what you have to say. Regardless that I happen to be a Pagan/Wiccan and you're an Atheist. YOU have such Brilliant Insight into this fucked up society. I've made excellent friends through you. :) I'll leave you with this & my Link: I have Bi-Polar 1, which I have no shame for having and keep myself excellently medicated for. You speak of Suicidal feelings. Before I was properly diagnosed, I was in a complete black hole. Just because of my Illness. I haven't been there in years. So I certainly lend a helping hand where I can. As long as it doesn't stress me out too much, I'm there! Supporting and Advocating! Be well!
    - Samantha!

  2. Great blog. It's hard sometimes when times are tough, that others are suffering as well.