Monday, February 1, 2010

Hell On Earth

Hell on Earth

Parker Brothers makes a toy called a Ouija Board. It has since the early 1900's. Many people believe it can bring evil spirits across the the world of the living. The origin of the board is not clear but it is thought by some to date back too 1100 B.C. China or around 500 B.C. Greek culture. Origin of the word Ouija is also unclear. One belief is the word comes from the French oui (for "yes") and the German ja (also for "yes")
"Ouija" is a registered trademark of Hasbro.
Toys "R" Us sells Ouija boards along with many other retail outlets.
Another object which I often refer to as a 'modern day' Ouija board is said to open 'doors to hell' much like the infamous Parker Brothers toy.
The 'Telephone to the Dead', 'Franks Box', or 'Shack Hack' is said to allow the dead to speak to the living by using white noise. The white noise generated by the random tuning is supposed to provide the dead enough sound 'material' to form answers posed by the listeners or to just talk to the living, depending on who you ask.
There is an excellent article posted on the box which can be found here-

The Ouija board does the same thing. It allows us to consider what is scary and still be safe and sound while doing it.

To claim that a board with letters on it can somehow bring demons into the world and actually believe it,is nothing short of madness in my opinion. How can such people even function in the real natural world?

First demons have never been proven to actually exist. Second, hell is a man made concept. What I would suggest is that people who want to simply say the word "demon" to address behaviors or events they can not understand do some learning.

There are many people who claim to research demons, ghost activity, or communicating with spirits from beyond. Shouldn't that research begin with the study of real world science? It seems studying our brain and the way it can skew our perceptions of the way we see the world, would be the correct way to begin.

Looking into the way our culture has evolved to the point of believing in demons or hell would also seem to be another "common sense" approach to the subject.If you really want to learn about things that effect us here as we live our lives the why not start with actual facts instead of declaring anything that scares you or seems odd as "paranormal"?

Now to the box, or the modern day Ouija. Our brains want to make sense of randomness. We do not want to reside in a world we can not understand. I think this can also address the reason why so many people want to blame what they can not explain on supernatural or other worldly powers.

Many people claim to hear voices through the box, that can not be denied but if one were to do some real research then they would learn that our brains created order from randomness. The tendency of people who want to call themselves "researchers" to ignore well known scientific research is nothing more than stupid and pathetic, in my opinion. They should be both embarrassed, and ashamed.

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