Saturday, February 20, 2010


I am sitting outside by the fire drinking a beer, and talking to my daughter.She is 16 and wiser than I was at the same age. We don't hang out as much as we should but that if often the case in parent/child relationships
even though I may be biased, I think I can safely say she is very smart, and well adjusted.
her mother isn't much help, wanting to be her friend instead of her parent. I can see how it would be a hard line to walk but as a parent our kids depend on us to walk on the side of their best interest.
On the same subject...I spent the earlier part of my day with Beth,her son, his girlfriend and my daughter in San Francisco. We took a small boat whose captain I had met before.
My daughter was a bit afraid of the size of the boat and the coldness of the water, I gave her a smile and a pat while I assured her to trust me, she did.
While nervous as the boat chugged across the bay towards the ocean, she had a good time.
I am just glad I am there to teach her because these days will soon pass, and as hard as they are sometimes I will miss them.......

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