Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The REAL Robbie Thomas

I've told you before Robbie Thomas doesn't like me, that's ok he doesn't have to.
If I was Robbie I probably would not like me either.
I have listened to many of the interviews Robbie has done, I have checked out his web-page. I have had conversations with many people both in person, on the phone, and in emails who have dealt with Robbie.
Robbie is not all 'love and light' as he proclaims himself to be.
I started by asking Robbie about his incredible claims, I was not rude but I was skeptical. People who stick their noses into the business of those who have lost loved ones claiming to have some sort of 'special abilities' always make me worry.
The fact is psychic abilities have never been proven to be valid. Another fact is that people who claim to have such abilities have managed to make people who have lost loved ones more grief stricken when false hope has been given to them.
I would think even Robbie would have to admit he is not correct 100% of the time, that is if he was to have any 'psychic powers' (he most likely does not in my opinion)
So why would any reasonable, responsible person invite those who have lost loved ones to violent acts to a stage show so he can 'help them'? I think the answer to that is- A reasonable, responsible person would not.
I was recently invited to guest on a radio show. Robbie Thomas was in the chat. He called me an idiot and made several other comments that were uncalled for and childish in my opinion. Lucky for me I have thick skin and Robbie's opinion means less than nothing to me.....needless to say I was unharmed by big bad Robbie.
Since I was busy talking reasonably with the host of the show I didn't have the opportunity to answer Robbie. My co-host Polly was in the chat also. Robbie began to private message Polly. He was nothing less than a raving lunatic. His tirade continued even after I was done with the interview. It was at that time I began to answer Robbie's tantrum.
I asked him if he realized he was acting like a raving lunatic. He responded by saying "We will meet up someday Reaper" Not being one tolerate such veiled threats I informed him that would be fine with me.
He then advised me that he hoped my disabled son would never be in need of his 'talents'
Please don't get me wrong I know that what Robbie said does not pose any threat to my son but the comment struck me as nothing less than disgusting.
I am happy to argue with those who wish to do so. I am happy to let them say what they will about me no matter how childish or hateful, I can always answer back or in some cases ignore it. But I can not ever picture bringing the fight to such a level as Robbie did.
The thing that bothers me the most is how Robbie can claim to want to work to help children with his positive energy and compassion and make such a comment. It seems to me a indication of who the real Robbie Thomas is...In my opinion he is a childish, angry, low-class fraud.


  1. Oh this is good. Robbie is gonna catch hell for this one. The "good guys" in the business have been getting really upset by people who ask simple questions. Between this guy and the "Tommy Waters" GACNinjas crew, there has been some over the top and overtly hypocritical push back against those who seek to verify claims. I will retweet this and ensure that ole Robbie will be shown for the quack that he is.

  2. Psychic Robbie Thomas is not only a lunatic, he is a fraud, a fake and a downright criminal.

    He misguides families and uses the death of children to further his fame.

    He's a sad, little man.

  3. Now Robbie Thomas is using The Prostrate Cancer Society to sell books on his Facebook page...!!! How can anyone get away with this type of fraud?

  4. I am reading all of the responses from 6 years ago and he is still doing this type of thing and still behaving like a lunatic. He messaged me with a picture of my son and offered to find him for 2500 bucks. When I said no he created a Facebook post crying about how this is his job and people are always trying to take advantage of him. It turned into a giant dramatic thing. But I would love to see him called out on everything. He is a lunatic