Monday, February 8, 2010

Flower Power

Ok I am a big bad skeptic, that is a given....I listened to a show called 'The Buzz' tonite and was having a wonderful time in the chat while listening. Then the guest came on and started talking about somethin' called 'flower readings'. Flower readings are when you go out to your garden and pick a flower...somehow (don't ask me why) the flower you pick gains a 'connection' to your spirit and or future. this flower can then tell you what to expect from your life path.....i really do try to be open-minded cause none of use know why we are here or even if there is a reason but....GIVE ME A BREAK!!!
Please those who believe in 'flower readings' do not insult me with such incredible things...Thank You and once again I suggest those people who insist on believing such things... DO SOME SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH and be happy with the fact life is amazing enough without bringing some mystical crap into it....let's just be amazed by what is real and try to find some answers to that before we start looking into the imagined power flowers have over us... PLEASE!!!

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