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2011 List With A Twist

Time for the mandatory end of the year lists. I tried to make this list a little different than any other you may come across......

Religion Newswriters (RNA) journalists voted for the top religion stories of 2011. Let's take a look at their choices---Along with my guess at why they made the list

1) The death of Osama bin Laden, and the discussions it spurred among people of faith. The terrorist's death led to talk on forgiveness, peace, justice and retribution, according to the Religion Newswriters Association, which conducted the survey.
All discussions took place after the "Fuck you bin Laden" parties

2) The series of congressional hearings held on the civil rights of American Muslims.
Because those muslims are crafty devils, wanting equal rights and all that

3) The case of Catholic Bishop Robert Finn, of Kansas City, Mo., who was charged with failure to report the suspected abuse of a child.
Because it was the least surprising story of the year

4 ) The Catholic Church's new English translation of the Roman Missal was fourth.Because of the number of catholics that never read the old translation

5) The move by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to allow local option on ordination of partnered gay people. See civil rights above

6) Beatification of Pope John Paul II. Because he was so ugly on the inside

7) California evangelist Harold Camping's end-of-the-world predictions for 2011
Because if Harold's plan worked the Scientology people were going to to try it (Tom Cruse's idea)

8) Megachurch pastor Rob Bell's book, "Love Wins," presented a less harsh picture of hell and stirred discussion.
Example of discussion: I hear in this new hell they only jab you in the ass with a pitchfork if you get mouthy, or are an Atheist

9) Failure of the Personhood Initiative in Mississippi, designed to outlaw abortion by declaring a fetus a person.
Hey the church has to try somethin', the're getting their asses kicked out there.(trick sentence)

10) Bible translations -- the 400th anniversary of the King James Version, gender usage in the newest New International Version and completion of the Common English Bible --Because gods words were again made even easier to understand, for all the good it will do

 Since we are on the internet now it seemed appropriate to list the top visited web sites.

   Google, Facebook and Yahoo! were the three most visited web brands in 2011, according to Nielsen. The favored search engine saw more than 153.4 million unique visitors per month this year, while Facebook had 137.6 million and Yahoo had 130.1 million. Bing and YouTube rounded out the top five.

Just because it includes such a big number..

 The top government contractor in 2011 was  LockheedMartin Corp. with $17,344,113,000 worth of government contracts.

 The top careers for all you people wondering what line of work to go into after losing your job this year.

1. Career: Massage Therapist
Median Salary: $39,780

According to the U.S. Labor Dept., this field is projected to grow in demand as baby boomers age and people of all generations recognize the physical and mental health benefits associated with massage therapy.

Note:Avoid training schools that have 'happy ending' in their name

 2. Career: Athletic trainer

Median Salary: $44,020

Athletic trainer jobs are expected to grow in 2011, as employers such as universities, corporations, and pro and amateur sports teams add to their training staff, according to the Labor Dept. With all those muti-million dollar pros you are bound to get huge tips

3. Career: Interpreter/Translator

Median Salary: $45,700

It's a global economy, and vital connections and business deals can't happen without sophisticated interpretation and translation.And because the world would be a better place if less people felt the need to say "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!"

 4. Career: Computer Support Specialist

Median Salary: $47,360

As teams go virtual and technology continues to morph, computer support specialists are already in short supply in many organizations.

Keep in mind sooner or later you will have to transfer out of the country if you want to keep your job

 5. Career: Meeting Planner

Median Salary: $48,060

If you're already the social air-traffic controller for your friends and find yourself saying, "Let's make a plan and a time line," you'll likely fit into the meeting-planning arena. Hey, it got Obama that president gig

6. Career: Court Reporter

Median Salary: $52,460

Surprisingly, more than 70 percent of those in the profession work outside the courtroom, according to the National Court Reporters Assn.

It's like having jury duty as a job....only you get paid for it

7. Career: Public Relations Specialist

Median Salary: $59,370

Wanted to work in media? With print publications struggling, journalism isn't the hot job field it once was, but public relations is booming, according to U.S. Labor Dept. figures. A great way for ladies to find Mr. Right and for you fellas to get laid

8. Career: Mediator

Median Salary: $63,250

Mediators are specialists in Alternative Dispute Resolution. They listen to both sides and help parties in business disputes, real estate wrangles, and other battles find common ground—and avoid court costs.

And what could beat being able to tell both sides of an argument "YOU BOTH ARE WRONG. Now shut up and do what I say"

9. Career: Film & Video Editor

Median Salary: $63,680

With YouTube now hosting more searches per day than any site save Google, the need for film and video editors is clear.

Now instead of just watching porn you can help make the magic happen.

 10. Career: Financial Analyst

Median Salary: $85,240

All organizations—government agencies, for-profit businesses, and nonprofits alike—need smart financial analysis to guide their leadership decision-making.

Did you want to be the 99% forever?

And for all you criminals, here are the top 10 pirated movies for 2011 along with the number of times it was downloaded.

1     Fast Five     9,260,000 

2     The Hangover Part II     8,840,000 

3     Thor     8,330,000 

4     Source Code     7,910,000 

5     I am Number Four     7,670,000 

6     Sucker Punch     7,200,000 

7     127 Hours     6,910,000

8     Rango     6,480,000 

9     The King's Speech     6,250,000   

10     Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2     6,030,000

 Here are the top baby names for 2011

 Rank    Male    Female    

1     Mason     Emma              

2     Liam     Olivia              

3     Noah     Sophia              

4     Ethan     Isabella              

5     Jacob     Ava              

6     Aiden     Madison              

7     Jackson Emily              

8     Logan     Ella              

9     Jack     Abigail              

10     Lucas     Chloe

And to wrap up the list of lists...the top disaster for 2011

1) 2012

Have a great 2012. Thanks to everyone who reads and supports the blog (even those of you who don't admit it)

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