Monday, November 1, 2010

Shockofgod- An explanation of idiocy

I'm listening to an idiot who goes by the name Shockofgod, don't worry, the label I have given to his name is earned. Shockofgod is on a crusade. He is rolling up on Atheists and asking them to provide proof or evidence that Atheism is accurate/correct. Shockofgod is a complete fool.

One of the tactics he uses is over-talking when having a conversation. He not only over-talks others, he is also rude in other ways.His lack of manners is also displayed in the form of idiotic mocking.
As I try to figure out why he resorts to this child-like behavior I begin to see a kind of evil-below average IQ mentality in Shockofgod. I do however get the impression he knows the 'lack of accuracy/proof' approach used is very weak. Shockofgod must present a facade of his superior religious intellect shutting down any Atheist position to the types of simple-minded people who follow him in order to fool them. The only way to do this is to never allow the other side of the debate to make any points at all. If somehow the opposing side gets a point through in-between breaths then Shockofgod will make some type of childish joke about that point and immediately go back to repeatedly demanding proof/evidence.
Shockofgod is a classic example of an individual who is so stupid they can not even begin to grasp the depths of the moronic abyss in which they reside.
After listening to several of Shockofgod's videos, (which are always oozing with a form of conceit that causes me to imagine how it would feel to punch him in the face several times) I get several pieces of the puzzle put together.
Shockofgod has a desperate need to be popular/known. This is why he 'calls out' Atheists who are better known and more respected than himself. If he was really doing work to further his cause because he believed in it then he would go head to head with any/every one who questioned his claims of providing absolute proof that god is real and that Atheists can not provide any proof whatsoever.
What Shockofgod does is block anyone who may be able to counteract the poison he spreads or who is not known well enough to help him feed his need to have people know who he is.
I am going to keep watching this idiot's videos. (even though I can feel myself growing 'dumbed-down' as the words come to my ears and my eyes are exposed to the images) I will keep building my 'profile' of this talking intellectual equivalent of a tree stump.
What I know so far about Shockofgod is as follows...
-Has typical need to be popular which is often seen in socially stunted people. An example of this would be a person who, when among a group of friends, is constantly making comments which demonstrate the person's inability to understand how others perceive them. Such behavior will consist of constantly annoying people by claiming they are more intelligent, and telling jokes that no one finds funny, then laughing at them. This type will also try to put themselves in a leadership role even though anyone with even basic common sense will ignore the attempt, because they consider the person inept.
--Makes up facts. Shockofgod has demonstrated he is very comfortable pulling information,stats,quotes out of thin air and presenting them as absolutely true beyond a doubt. This is most likely because he is not bright enough to figure out how to acquire any real information and apply it so that it will validate his position. It could also be a result of him being just plain lazy.
--Tries to give the impression of having an extreme amount of self-confidence. It is easy to see this is an act if you observe his behavior. People who truly possess self confidence do not go out of their way to tell you how self assured they are, they do not need to. In almost all cases where an individual constantly squawks about how superior they are to another it is because they feel they are mentally impotent (may also be a result of being physically impotent)
So as you can see, a very clear picture of Shockofgod is coming together after watching just a few of his videos. It should not be long before we begin to understand fully why a man like Shockofgod continues to act as a religious troll despite the fact anyone who actually applies reason to the world around them perceives him as a complete and utter dimwit.
More insight into Shockofgod will follow.
See what I am talking about for yourself, resist the urge to spit on your computer screen.


  1. hahahahhaa awesome write up .yup that sums up "shockofgod " in a nutshell..check out his lame videos on utuybe folks a real modern day charleton!!!! cheers!

  2. atheists have the ability to step outside the group and watch the herding behavior while the religious, because of being dimwitted or purposefully ignorant, get lost and start moving around inside the herd. all the time unaware where the herd is going, or that it is moving at all