Friday, October 15, 2010

You idiot

We are all idiots. Yes this means you, it means me. I know this may offend some of you but just bear with me for a minute.
We all do stupid things. We all have made stupid choices, said stupid things or had beliefs that as we look back, were lame.
There is nothing wrong with being an idiot. The problem is when you know you are an idiot and you choose to continue to be one.
There are many reasons some people keep being stupid, such as-
1) To admit you are/were and idiot may make you look like even more of a moron.
The opposite is actually true. Most times, people know you are a dumb ass and just put up with you and talk shit behind your back.Other times they just let you go on being an imbecile because they find you fun to point and laugh at.
2) To admit you are an idiot will make you feel like other people are smarter than you.
The fact is other people are smarter than you. Accept it. You are not the smartest person on the planet, you never will be and if you think there is any possibility you are the smartest person who walks the earth the you are still an idiot....start over at the top of the page.
3) You are to damn dumb to realize how stupid you are.
There is no hope for these people. The best the rest of us can do is to hope these types walk in front of a moving bus sooner rather than later.
Let me wrap this up by reminding you it is okay to be an really have no choice anyway.
The one thing you need to do is stop being a fucking moron as soon as possible....Thank you in advance.

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