Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tonya Hacker makes fun of disabled children on radio show

Some of you may know about my problems with a lady from Oklahoma. Tonya Hacker is her name, feeding her ego is just one of her games. Tonya is one of a group which calls itself "The Ghost Divas". Yes, I know the name of the group alone is a HUGE red flag. I've met Tonya, been to her house, helped her produce her radio show, and exchanged countless emails with her and her fellow divas.
When I stopped helping her produce the radio she was part of. She got pissed and started telling her friends, sending out emails, and posting on facebook the following lies about me-
1) I beat women
2) I give my daughter drugs
3) I had been to prison
4) I was stalking her (FYI- I live in CA)
5) I was an internet bully (this claim was made when I responded to 1-4 by telling her to STFU)

Tonya Hacker's behavior made me well aware of the fact she was a mental case and a complete bitch. I made my feelings about her quite clear in several ways and then went on to better things. Tonya Hacker has a long history of doing the same type of thing she did to me, to others.
The following blog describes how she took a swipe at some disabled kids on her radio show because she doesn't like their father.

Tonya Hacker “Ghost Divas” verbally attacks innocent children on radio.
Take a few minutes to read the comments.

After reading the blog on SciFake it should be clear that Tonya Hacker has lost what little sanity she may have had. Attacking a guy's disabled kids just because she doesn't like him?? Not only does she talk shit about Ron Tebo's kids, she defends her actions. If anyone else had done what she did (and they were not friends of hers) she would have been all over their shit. If your name is Tonya Hacker I guess you can do/say anything you want.
The only reasons I am even writing about this demented idiotic woman is because she has done this type of thing to people so many times, and so that there will be one more piece of information about her true character available to people. If it helps even one person to avoid dealing with this irresponsible dim-wit then my time is well spent.
To say Tonya Hacker has no class does not even come close to describing her. Her type can not be described using mere words. She is a woman who's lack of compassion, consideration, empathy, and intellect is so completely disgusting it makes a person physically ill when considering it.

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