Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Idiots Unchecked

There are some things which should be addressed. These days a single person can reach hundreds, thousands, millions or more with one single click of a mouse. Even people who are stupid beyond belief can spread that stupidity around the world in moments from the comfort of their computer chair. The internet has become a great way to spread knowledge, share differing opinions, and meet new people. There is another side of it. A lot of bullshit and crap finds it's way to us through the net too.
My last couple of blogs were the result of a habit I have, pointing out idiots and the reasons why I believe they are idiots.
I received several comments on my last couple blogs about shockofgod and his foolishness. Some people think it is silly to give any attention to crazy people. "Just ignore them, they will go away" "Don't feed the trolls" "I don't waste my time on such people" These are just a few ways people express a lack of interest in speaking back to what they don't agree with.
I guess it's ok if some people don't want to come back at trolls like shockofgod. He is an idiot and a liar, among other things. I can see how some people could consider it a waste of time to counter his bullshit.
I don't consider it a waste of my time. It seems like someone should speak out against lies and stupidity. It would be different if I thought shockofgod was going to fade away due to lack of attention. Even if all his enemies were to stop speaking out against him, I think he would go on. When someone of his ilk has 13,000 followers there should be an army of voices working to present the truth. He should be overwhelmed by messages informing him that his lies need to stop.
There are examples of this over the place. When people keep to themselves about things they see going on which are wrong, then those things are likely to continue. The 'ignore it and it will go away' or 'it doesn't effect me' mentality that so many people have these days is sad, ignorant, and dangerous.
The reason gays can't get married here in the state of CA is not because most people oppose it. The reason gays can't marry is because most of the people who don't oppose it don't say so. You can sure as hell bet if everyone who thought it was unfair to deny gays equal rights would do something to correct it then the issue would be resolved. But, most people in CA are not gay so it doesn't directly effect their lives.
It is a troublesome thing the way the people in this country sit mum about things that don't directly apply to them. Unless something will have a direct negative impact on someone, a shrug of the shoulders is all the outrage they can muster up.
This is the reason we see ourselves with a little less 'freedom' each time we have elections, or each time the city council has a meeting and 3 people attend.
In San Francisco the city council just made it illegal for fast food restaurants to give out toys with kids meals unless the meal meets certain nutritional standards. I won't go into this specific issue except to say I think it is an example of government with it priorities seriously out of order. The city of San Francisco certainly has more pressing issues to attend to.
Watch what happens when this law goes into effect. The people who couldn't find the time to speak out against it will be wondering how such a law came to be.
Our freedoms are not taken away all at once but little bits at a time. Until we wake up one day asking ourselves what the hell happened.
Stupidity in any and all forms should be addressed. Even if it is one comment, email, phone call, everyone should take the time to speak out and say " I don't like this because..." If you don't then it shouldn't be a surprise when no one comes to help as unchecked idiots force their beliefs on you.


  1. Well said...I myself, since I am no longer able to work, will be starting to attend city council meetings, as an observer and for topics for my blog and letters to newspapers. The phenomenon of rights being slowly eroded is one that I have termed "Democra-Facism". A bit harsh, some might say. Is it any more harsh than some of the stupid decisions and laws being passed, I reply.

  2. This is the smartest thing I've read on the internet today. I can't wait to read more!