Friday, November 5, 2010

Shockofgod- Propaganda

noun \ˌprä-pə-ˈgan-də, ˌprō-\
: ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause; also : a public action having such an effect

I have continued listening/watching as shockofgod, using his rhetoric spewing head, tells the world "Atheists suck".
One video that I watched today was interesting to me and provided more insight into why shockofgod feels compelled to spread made up evidence, skewed logic, and propaganda around the land.
The video is filmed from some kind of helmet-camera shockofgod wears while riding his motorcycle. I don't know why he chooses to make videos of himself riding around on a motorcycle, maybe he thinks simple/boring things impress other people the same way as they do him.
The narration is also done as he rides the motorcycle. As you watch shockofgod ride around the extremely exciting streets of his city (yawn) he tells the story of how he became an Atheist.
The story begins with shockofgod being a young child Atheist. After years of being a non-believer(through high school) one day he picked up the bible and started reading. From what I can tell, the bible so confounded shockofgod that he went to some christians to find out more about this jesus christ guy.
Let me pause here to make what I consider a valid point.....
Shockofgod claims he was once an Atheist, which may be technically accurate. If the story he tells is true, then he was not a very informed one. He had never even read the bible. How could he be a true Atheist if he never even knew anything about what it was he didn't believe in? Isn't that a bit like saying 'I hate the taste of chicken' when you have never tasted it? Sure you can hate the taste of chicken if you choose to but you are forming an opinion based on ignorance. He even says "no one had ever talked to me about jesus christ" This is yet another indication shockofgod has never been very good at thinking things through before embracing them.
Anyway.... shockofgod starts reading the bible and hangin' around christians. He also "starts researching jesus christ".
He finds a story that talks about thousands of eye-witnesses who saw jesus resurrected. As soon as he starts talking about these eyewitnesses being evidence to him of jesus being a real historical figure a few images pop into my mind. You have heard of the Loch Ness monster, right? Yea that was proven to be a hoax, a lot of people claimed to have seen a monster out on the lake though. What about Big Foot? Tons of people have claimed to have seen Big Foot....the sad part is....It does not matter how many people claim to have seen these things, that does not mean they exist. There is something else that must be considered also. IF jesus, the son of god, really did walk the earth in the past as shockofgod believes, it does not provide proof that god is real. How many times have we read about people who believe they are 'chosen' by some type of higher power? How many preachers have claimed to speak directly to god, chosen by the almighty to relay god's will to the puny humans of earth? Who is to say jesus was not just delusional and hearing voices?
True to his form, shockofgod begins his parrot-like repetition of the phrase 'proof and evidence'.
He talks about the 'beyond a doubt proof' he has found by reading the bible. A 2000 year old story. Yep, a 2000 year old story that says god sent jesus to earth by performing what equates to a perverted magic trick. Shockofgod reads about how jesus loves him and that does it, he is hooked on jesus. He is no longer an Atheist.
He believes jesus is the son of god, the bible is god's word, and it is his duty to spread god's word.
In case you didn't notice, this pretty much nails (pun...sorry...) shockofgod down as far as trying to figure out what caused a short in his reason circuit.
He needed love. Shockofgod talks about something missing from his life while he was an 'Atheist' (note: His being Atheist was not because he made an informed decision, it was a result of either very little education, a learning disability, or plain stupidity.)
It is very possible poor ol' shock didn't get enough hugs as a child. The first person who ever really loved him was jesus. This may be the reason why shock makes up such crazy shit to support his christian (or missionary) position. It is also why he has picked a question he already knows the answer to as his 'challenge' to Atheists. He did so to protect his own beliefs. Shockofgod is trying to convince people that Atheist( by admitting there is no proof or evidence that proves Atheism is accurate and correct) are somehow showing the logic they follow is negatively flawed. From an Atheist perspective the correct answer to shockofgod's question would be "There is no absolute proof or evidence that proves Atheism is accurate and correct" This answer does not prove that Atheism is wrong, it proves it is honest and realistic.
Shockofgod uses his question and the answer as religious propaganda. This use serves him in two ways.
1) Makes it easier (if that is possible) to fool the types of people who follow shockofgod into thinking christian beliefs are superior to any others.
2) It allows shockofgod to continue to blindly follow jesus/christianity without question, after all if his beliefs were wrong then how could shockofgod win the challenge against any and every Atheist?
At this point let me pause and take a minute to be happy I was not born so damn screwed up in the head as shockofgod.....
Ok, one more observation- Shockofgod god asks another question during this video. "Are you willing to compare the proof and evidence that jesus christ is the son of god against the proof and evidence that Atheism is accurate and correct?"
I laughed a little when I heard him ask. I am willing to compare the two against each other. If you were to believe that jesus is the son of god (This would also mean accepting the bible as the word of god and all that) then you would also have accept god as the type of being he is portrayed as in the bible. In case you didn't know it, in the bible, god is a dick. Do not take my word for it, research it for yourself.
Atheism does not claim to possess all the answers to the questions we have about the universe we live in. It does not explain the mysteries of the world by saying "it was magic" , "just because", or "it's a secret plan" It admits it's own ignorance. That acknowledgment of ignorance is what indicates intelligence. Of course I could be wrong.....
Here is a link to the shockofgod video in case you feel like wasting some of the precious time you have left to live.

Next up- Shockofgod does radio...kinda


  1. "How could he be a true Atheist if he never even knew anything about what it was he didn't believe in? Isn't that a bit like saying 'I hate the taste of chicken' when you have never tasted it?"

    No, it's like saying you don't believe in unicorns when you've never even tasted a unicornburger.

  2. Is it sad I can recognize a little of myself in that? I think Jesus was so important to me because he was the only constant in my life, and I could tell myself he loved me and believe it a lot more readily than I could believe my mom loved me.

  3. Yea it is sad. I also think there may be a lot of people who feel like the one unconditional love they have is jesus/god.We have all done things that we are not proud of. Some people may think that if family members and friends knew about those things they would no longer accept them. Some just don't have anyone in their lives that makes them feel loved for who they are. Jesus/god accept you and know all your dirty secrets. I almost sound like a preacher!
    It sucks you felt that way Angie, but like I said, I'm sure you are/were not alone

  4. I can relate to what you all say too. What is, in my opinion, an even more powerful draw for Shock, is that which he now means to those who follow him. Even if he was tempted to put his 'faith' into something else that might cater to his insecurity, he'd lose such a huge role and sense of value to those that he now sees as his 'children'. He would also suffer such a monumental fall from grace and credibility that his cognitive dissonance must have the strength of Atlas, so to speak ;o)

  5. "actually more murders rape and genocide have happened under atheism. Do a search on youtube for this video "The 2 big lies of atheism". Atheists know how evil they are and murderous and perverse they they spread the lie that religion has done more harm but in fact, the atheists are the scum of the earth as you will see in the video titled "The 2 big lies of atheism"."

    posted by shockofgod 2 days ago

    .........HIM POSTING THAT UNDER HIS VID IN COMMENTS. Just prooves HIS ignorance :o