Saturday, March 31, 2012

Picture An Atheist

    I met a gentleman named Daniel while at the American Atheist convention. He asked to take a picture of my shirt. I gave him permission to do so and we struck up a bit of conversation about his project. Daniel told me about the many interesting shirts people had been wearing and how he had been collecting pictures of them. i suggested he post them on-line so others could enjoy his efforts. It turns out Daniel has a real life and it keeps him pretty busy. I could relate to his situation, real life is always screwing up my internet endeavors too.
    Since Daniel didn't really have time or a place to post his work I made another suggestion. I could post them for him. He agreed and told me he didn't need to be given credit for his work.
    To give credit where it is due the following examples of expression recorded from the Reason Rally and the American Atheist convention were taken by Daniel and sent to me. If anyone is pictured here and wishes it be removed simply contact me. I doubt that will be an issue because, like I said, the photographer made a habit of asking permission to take these photographs.
  Anyone who couldn't make it to either of the above mentioned events can now get an idea of what was in style.
   If a picture is worth a thousand words this is probably the longest blog you will ever see me post....
 Thanks for your efforts Daniel and it was nice to meet you....

That's me


  1. Great pics Reap. Looks like everyone was having a good time. Smiles and more smiles. I love it.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I am still chuckling.

  3. @ million in small bills...too friggin funny. Wonder where I could get that shirt? Following you on twitter now, Oh Angry One. My handle is asoonernurse. Keep up the fight!

  4. OMG! You met two of my good friends. Margaret Downey (pic 1) and Brian Gortner (pics 30 and 43). Now THOSE are a couple of very good looking Atheists. In the coming apocalypse, we'll use THEM to repopulate the world.

  5. Lots of good ideas, makes me want to get creative.°◡°