Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm Feeling Gay About Gay Marriage In California


 In California tide has finally shifted. A recent poll shows that support of gay marriage has surged.  The poll showed increases in support virtually across the board. We seem to finally get it.
 After what I believe to be a trick election a few years ago on Prop 8 where no meant yes and yes meant no, Californians have regained their bearings. It's been three and a half years since voters approved Prop 8, which banned gay marriage, 52.3 percent to 47.7 percent. Looks like we won't be fooled again, at least most of us won't. Voters now favor same sex unions by 59 percent to 34 percent. Who are the 34 percent that just can't allow everyone to be treated equal? Republicans and Conservatives the constant foes of equal treatment fighting at almost every turn to keep some group from making their own choices or being treated the same  as they are. To be fair even these groups have showed a rise in acceptance of civil unions. The day when everyone will be able to say their vows and be recognized as a couple by society is on the way. No one can stop it so anyone who reads this and still insists on fighting against it- You are a dick. Yep, if the description fits, you are a dick. I was curious how the non-believers looked on this issue so I checked out the results and found that support was 80 percent and 16 percent opposed. I'm pretty sure those 16 percent were lying about their religious preference just  to try and make us atheists and agnostics look bad.  If you belong in that group I would love to talk to you and find out why. The 80 percent number was up 3 percent from 2010. And the 16 percent against was unchanged from 2010, I guess those people are set in their ways.  Still it shows non religious people are more tolerant of different lifestyles, probably because we know sexual preference is a result of nature. It's  not a choice made by someone  in order to make every other heterosexual uncomfortable or as an attempt to destroy religion to prepare the planet for Lord Satan's arrival. Intelligent people realize this, ignorant and stupid people do not.
  We should still be ashamed we allowed New York to show itself as more progressive than the great state of California.Then Washington and Maryland came along and made us look like uptight morons too. We have the city of Berkley! There shouldn't be a place on the planet that can beat us at being an example of how to behave like crazy yet tolerant people.
   Still, Prop 8 haunts us, and the state continues to waste money because some people feel the need to protect a word. Religious believers are convinced gay marriage will make heterosexual marriages less meaningful and sacred. If that is the case you have already made your marriage look weak as well as your ability to show respect towards people who are different from you.
 I often wonder-Why do gays want to get married  anyway?  Marriage is a religious ritual, we know how most religions view gays who want to be a part of that group?I know I have no interest in marriage because it is a religious ritual. Religious rituals tend to have some type of ulterior motive.
  I think civil unions should be the ONLY form of partnership recognized by the government. You want to get married? Do it in your church and have fun but don't expect anything to change as far as the government is concerned. Another example of how the separation of church and state would make life a little more easy and fair for all people and attack the religious act of marriage at the same time. The best of both worlds, Lord Satan would be pleased.

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