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Pennsylvania- WTF?!

This means YOU!
     I don't know what is going on in the state of Pennsylvania lately but I sure wish the people there would get with the times. Some of the shit that's happening there is what  you would expect during the 50's. Boys being molested and no one saying anything about it cause you don't want to get a good'ol boy in trouble. Pennsylvania State University football assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was caught in 2002 having sex with a 10 year old boy. In Pennsylvania, where the clocks don't run, it takes 9 years for something like that to be reported to someone who knows that behavior is wrong.

    When it is all said and done the grand jury finds 42 counts of child molestation dating from 1994 to 2009, though the alleged abuse may date as far back as the 1970s. All the victims may never be known. Countless lives destroyed because of the type of thinking that should have been done away with long ago. When you don't progress intellectually and socially the Penn State molestation tragedy is what can happen. You can't blame the Catholic Church directly for what happened at Penn State but it sure hasn't been a good example of how Catholics should react to children being molested. In fact the reactions of the Catholic Church and Penn State are eerily alike in many ways.

The Pope-What a great role model

     Then in November of 2011 we have Pennsylvania PA Senator Anthony Williams caught on tape saying "This is our school system, not yours" to Atheists who oppose a school voucher system. I wonder what would happen if someone had said the same thing but replaced the word 'atheist' with 'African-Americans' or perhaps a more colorful slang word.Can you imagine what that would have been like? It would have felt like you were back in the days of separate water fountains wouldn't it? You know, like back in the 50's....
    In 1998, Williams' father, Pennsylvania State Senator Hardy Williams, retired hours before the deadline to file nominating petitions, allowing Anthony the opportunity to run unopposed for his father's 8th senatorial district seat. The younger Williams had already filed his nominating petitions to run for his House seat, so he remained on both ballots. He declined to take his House seat when he won both elections simultaneously.   Nothing like a bit of information from the good 'ol boy network to help win that senate seat huh? It doesn't hurt to have a daddy who is so sure you can win an election he has to play the system just to make sure. I'm thinking when you use such tactics to win a senate seat it should speak to your character and credibility. It's not like his behavior is something unrelated to his ability to serve in the senate. In Pennsylvania I guess it is looked upon favorably to cheat in order to win.
Senator Anthony Williams- Big Mouth, big head, short-sight.

      In October of 2011 an atheist named Ernest Peirce walks in the Halloween parade dressed as a Zombie Mohammed. His costume is noticed by a Muslim and his family who are also attending the parade. The Muslim man, at the very least, confronts the Zombie Mohammed in an attempt to "protect' his prophet. A judge named Mark Martin can not see any reason to allow a video of the incident, the testimony of a witness, or the testimony of a police officer who took statements from the parties at the time of the incident as evidence related to the crime. He then proceeds to lecture the victim on Islam and also informs the victim it is not his right to "offend people" While never giving any clear examples of what "offending other people and cultures" is, it would be safe to assume a list of approved costumes is going to be needed at the next parade in Mechanicsburg, Pa.  Never mind the fact it is Halloween and the possibility of being offended by a Halloween costume is very high depending on your sensitivity.
   Judge Mark Martin has said that he finds the Zombie Mohammed costume equal to dressing up as a KKK member. Does that mean if someone dressed as a zombie KKK member it would be frowned upon by Judge martin because it could be considered offensive to a clansman? He can't use the comparison and then pick and choose based on what he personally finds offensive. Judge Mark Martin seems to think he makes the laws instead of applying them. He also does not come off as the most intelligent fellow I've ever come across. His statements and behavior after his ruling have shown his inability to demonstrate good judgement. Instead of admitting there could be a problem with his decision he continues to make up lame comparisons and tell people about his time served in the military as a smokescreen to mask his stupidity.
   Mark Martin I thank you for your military service honestly I do. You have my respect for that, but military service does not equal ability to be a judge. Please stop tarnishing your own dignity by trying to justify injustice.
 The whole thing stinks and reminds me of stories about blacks who were accused of crimes back in the 50's and the good 'ol boy bullshit comparison fits pretty closely again.
Not-too-bright Judge Mark Martin

   The American Atheists and Justin Vacula from The NEPA Freethought Society had an idea for ads on buses. The ad was about as simple as one could get, it said 'Atheists.' in a normal white font on a deep blue background. The sponsors of the ad were also listed on the right side of the ad in a much smaller font, no different than any other you would expect from any group who had paid for a billboard.It would be hard for anyone to argue the bus billboard was anything more than basic. The Lackawanna County transit buses, called COLTS turned down the ad, saying it doesn't want the bus to be the subject of anything controversial. The spokesman for the COLTS gave ads for tobacco, and guns as examples of the types of advertising they will not allow. How atheism which is not used to kill other people and does not cause cancer fits in with these I don't know. Those are legal in this country and they may spark some debate but where do we draw the line when it has come to the point where anything is a potential point of debate with one person or another.

The ad that started the debate about the debate about ads on buses debate

     It seems that in Pennsylvania just the word 'atheists' is a point of debate.Wouldn't that also mean that reality is a debatable point to those who ride The COLT bus line according to the spokesman for the buses?
 As if the stories I've already told you are not enough, there is another twist on this one. There was a message being displayed on the COLT bus scrolling public message boards it said "god bless America"
    Let me explain to some of you who may not get it. No one is upset about the message because they can't stand to even look at the word 'god' it doesn't cause us to melt. The message indicates that god is going to act on our behalf so to ensure we are in good fortune or "blessed". Not everyone believes this to be true and it is a public display of religious beliefs. It's not about anyone's personal beliefs because it is being displayed publicly on a government owned transit vehicle. If people are going to be allowed to display their personal beliefs and opinions in that fashion then I should be able to post "SLAYER IS GOD" on the display as a driver of the bus. I seriously doubt that would happen and if it did the problems which would arise as each driver started posting their own personal messages would not be pretty.
     One guy named Daniel Wittenbreder was so pissed that 'god bless america' could no longer be displayed on the bus he drives (it's not 'his bus') He went to Justin's facebook wall and started talking smack.
Daniel Wittenbreder- "Seeds of the Antichrist" aka Atheists are not welcome on his bus. Just you try it! For more on Daniel's driving ability follow this link http://thetimes-tribune.com/news/colts-bus-slams-into-supermarket-1.55545#axzz1oIUEwsj3

Daniel insinuated that Justin would be effected negatively if he dared to ride on Daniel Wittenbreder's bus. Justin routinely takes public transit in order to get around. Daniel also called atheists "seeds of the antichrist"
Can't you feel the christian love??

   Now in this case Daniel is clearly not dealing with reality, seeds of Satan? Give me a break. The fact this nut is allowed to drive people around in a bus all day is scary. Maybe the transit people need to administer a "I'm not a lunatic" test before hiring it's drivers. I don't think that is an unreasonable request.
 While reading the news stories about my topics in this blog post I came across some comments that made me say "What the hell?! Are these people crazy??"  This one I think sums them up quite nicely....

Peaceman at 5:35 PM March 02, 2012 The mere existice of unbelievers is offensive. This sick advertisement should of course not have been allowed. Why should Christians put up with this? This is our country. If you don't like it, leave. Go to Iran or some place where you will be treated as you should. You will burn in hell for your sins of disbelief. Turn to God now before its to late.
*some restrictions apply

  So all you atheists or anyone else who isn't happy with a country ruled by christians let's get packed up. We all have to move to Iran now, the christians have spoken, and after all, it is their country.  They aren't interested in listening to anyone else, screw that, they own the place. I wonder if it wouldn't be easier to just stuff all the christians with this type of mindset into Pennsylvania and let them create the wonderful society they long for while the rest of us move forward.
 It's been 2000 years, it's time to grow past this adult version of the santa claus story called religion.

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