Friday, April 13, 2012

The Good News

 I was reading a post which can be found here. In it the author complains about never getting any good news from atheists. I  almost felt bad for the author so I did my best to remedy the situation-

    “But there is good news, because of science we understand the mysteries of the world we live in more and more each day. Some of these discoveries help people live more productive and happy lives. Countless lives have been and more will be saved due to the progress of science. We understand the forces of nature to the point where we can predict events such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions saving lives and property. We have seen incredible progress in technology which ironically, helps technology progress. We can answer many questions man has wondered about ever since he was able to ask the question. Yes, the good news is we are solving all the mysteries that mankind used to attribute to things like gods riding chariots across the sky. As we have solved these mysteries, and there are a countless number of them, none of the answers so far has been magic did it, or god did it. I suppose it would depend on if you have some odd need to believe a deity who allows the innocent to suffer and die every second of every day yet claims to have a deep love for us. It is bad news if you think a god wants you to pray to him/her/it when those prayers are pointless due to the fact your god has already made a 'plan' which can not and will not be altered. And it is indeed bad news if you had hopes that a nice mansion and a brand new car were awaiting you just past the heavenly gates a few moments after your death. If any of those applies in your case then it is no wonder you never hear any good news from atheists. I have trouble being troubled about it, to be honest.

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  1. Clicked on the link you highlighted.....

    "So surely a faith which asserts that there is someone wise and loving watching over all this lot, who cares so deeply for us that he sent his son into our world to save us from ourselves is worth at least considering" worth at least considering???
    Nope!!! Considered it,just you will start to tell me about the ontological argument and how just using words you can prove God exists!!?

    As you rightly point out, the religious seem to want to position themselves by association, that they and only they can be happy and exclusively know what is ‘good news’………self-serving bias!!

    Nice looking site by the way! :)