Monday, February 20, 2012

Mark Martin- The Judge Who Couldn't (keep his mouth shut)

         I had previously posted a blog about a guy who was attacked while marching dressed as a zombie Mohammed in a PA Halloween parade titled A Judge, A Muslim And An Atheist At that time there was no interest in releasing the audio because there was hope it would be resolved by the parties involved, that did not happen. Instead the victim of the crime is now being threatened with jail time by  Mark Martin, the judge who gave him permission to record in the first place.  Judge Martin refuses to admit that his words may have, at the least, been out of bounds and inappropriate for the situation. His actions in this case were not up to par with the wisdom you would expect to see displayed by a man responsible for making sure equal justice is served for every person who stands in front of him. This is the unedited recording of his decision. After you listen please share your thoughts on his wording. I'm not interested in debate whether or not it's okay to wear a certain type of Halloween costume, I've made my opinion on that clear previously.


  1. Judge Martin is clearly wrong. I am a devout Christian American who really cannot understand why atheists are so devout in their faith that God does not exist that they need to keep denying that which they don't believe in. However, U.S. law and the U.S. Constitution gives all Americans the right to believe any way we want and to express our beliefs within the confines of vulgarity or violence.

    The atheist in this case was expressing his rights as an American and the Muslim man, who I don't know if he is an American or not, commited a crime of violence by accosting the atheist for being offensive. We, as Americans, are allowed to be offensive. We are not allowed to physically touch one another with the intent to prevent one another from expressing our rights.

    According to U.S. law, the Muslim guy committed the crime of assault. That was the charge that the officer who listened to what each party had to say, and that is what U.S. law dictates.

    According to Islamic (Sharia) law, the atheist guy did not have the right to mock Mohamed. That is fine and dandy, if we are under Sharia law, which we are not.

    Judge Martin has sided with Sharia law while ignoring U.S. law going so far as to cite as a rationale that if this had happened in an Islamic country, the atheist would have been killed. BUT! It did not happen in an Islamic country, it happened in the United States of America...the land of the free, a country where seperation of church and state prevents religious laws from dictating U.S. laws.

    Judge Martin felt he had the right to tell the atheist guy he looked like a "doofus". WOW! Since when is looking like a doofus while dressed up for halloween something new? This had no place in a court of law.

    Judge Martin needs to be relieved of being a judge. He is clearly not capable of preventing his personal values, fears or beliefs from guiding his decisions in law.

  2. This "judge" loves to hear the sound of his oun voice. He should be removed. He is what is wrong with the our legal system.

  3. RoboTeq,

    Atheism is not a belief system, in the same way that not believing in fairies is not a belief system. It is impossible to be a "devout" atheist, and atheism is not based on "faith" - it is based on a lack of evidence. Faith has nothing to do with atheism.

    This case highlights why many atheists/secularists are eager to promote the concept of separation of Church and State. It protects ALL of us, but it seems in this instance, the judge has muddied the waters.

    1. This judge is a traitor, and a coward. He needs to be held accountable for taking this man's rights away from him. He let this criminal get away with breaking the law in front of his son, who now believes it's ok to do so. This country sucks with its islam coddling ways. Look what it got Europe, and other nations. They would not put up with it in the middle east. Yes they kill Christians in broad daylight for sport. There is no freedom of speech in America or should I say Americastan!

  4. What's hilarious to me, is how on many, many sites people are outwardly calling for the judge to be killed, yet they are upset over a simple assault.

    Hmmmmmm.....murder? Assault??

    Yeah. Bunch of nutjobs, the whole lot.

  5. Also, I live in Central PA, and have dealt with Mark Martin 2x for traffic tickets.....he's no peach, and I wrote him a letter of my dissatisfaction, but trust me.....he's no Muslim.