Thursday, June 10, 2010

Watch, See, and Learn

I'm going to tell you about something I have been dealing with lately. I think many of you may have been through this before in some aspect of your life.
I don't go around bad-mouthing people for no good reason. I do not just pick a target and attack them for the hell of it. If I have an issue with someone or their actions I will contact them about things first. I will simply inquire about the problems I have and ask them for their side or opinions. I do this to be fair. Most times this works out quite well and results in my understanding the other side of things and the other party understanding mine as well. Now, the exception.....some people respond with lies and want to play games because they have issues with the truth, this does not go over well with me.
I will then usually start talking publicly about the experience. In this case my doing so resulted in bold-face lies being told about me...That does not go over well with me either.
Some people believe in just ignoring these types of people. There are times when that is the best way to go but there are other times when the lies are so off-base and the person telling them so insane that addressing those lies is a needed and earned thing. I don't really care if people call me a jerk or an asshole, or any other names, I have heard them all. When people make up lies about the way I treat my family or raise my kids then I will have something to say about that.
That is the case here.
One aspect of this current topic is the amount of people who can not or will not see both sides. I have lost some 'friends' over this person's lies. It was nice to see them go because I have no use for people who choose who they like according to another person's bullshit and anger. The people who choose not to have anything to do with me because I stand up for myself are, in my opinion, weak-minded and uninformed, by their own choice.
I don't make up bullshit lies about people, when a person does so, they have already lost. The loss is not only about the argument but about their own credibility, dignity, and self-worth.
There is nothing wrong with a little drama in our lives but when that drama results from hate and is not healthy.
Some people seem to have a need for drama, it effects them like a drug, they can't control their own need to continue to use, even as it drags them, and the people around them down.
People like this are very sad indeed.....I am just glad I can look at my face in the mirror and know I don't need or want to make up lies just to make myself look good.
I suppose people who do make up stories and portray themselves as victims when it bites them on the ass may very well be in need of mental help. I hope they get it but it will not keep me from pointing out those lies and answering to them.
I have always stood up for myself and done it with a sense of humor along with the truth, that will never stop being the case and anyone who doesn't like it or thinks I am a liar can watch, see, and learn..then they can go to hell.


  1. A fuckin men. Been there, done that. It hurts at first but then you realize you are better off without them. They were probably stabbing you in the back the whole time anyway.

  2. That makes a whole lot of sense to me. Especially today. You use such mild mannered words. I'm glad to have a peep into your personality.

  3. I will be the first to say, that some may call you a jerk, but if you have gotten to that point with them, then it's been well earned.

  4. u think u have it bad look what was done to unity ,, bashed and trashed by ppl who didnt have a clue