Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My side of Tonya

Guest Blog...From Polly...another opinion of a certain Diva
Category: Dreams and the Supernatural
A blog from my another person who knows a certain diva quite well. She considered her a good friend (as did I) To be honest we were stabbed in the back and Amanda you should feel like shit over your inability to be honest. When you look in the mirror I hope your reflection spits in your face. You are too weak for your own good.

I haven't really said to much lately concerning the latest "drama" and now, I feel like it's time I do. I've sat back and let Reap do the talking, and followed with my comments. We have been dealing with bullshit from a Ghost Diva, named Tonya H. She has done nothing but bad mouth us, and try and play the pity card with whatever damn followers she has. Here is my statement, straight from my mouth.

Contrary to what Tonya, may want you to think, I am writing this of my own free will. Reap doesn't even know I'm writing it. I will admit, I am more passive then Reap at times, I'm not him, and he is not me. We both have different ways of dealing with things. Doesn't mean we both don't see bullshit in our yard, we just get rid of it in different styles.

When this crap with Tonya started I bit my tongue, because I cared deeply for another diva. She was a friend that I trusted. Well, now I am going to speak my mind, and if others don't like it there's not a damn reason for me to care.

Tonya, has put many lies out there, and it's about time I step up to the plate and say what the fuck is up. First and foremost, Tonya implied Reap beats me. Does he? Nope! He has never struck me period. I watched my mother growing up get hit, and that is one thing I would never allow a man to do to me. I find it highly insulting as a woman, that Tonya feels that is the only card she has to hold against me. Strength as a woman, is a hell of a lot more then being a single parent, and having a big fucking mouth. Strength as a woman to me means, I love my family, I support them, and when I walk out my front door I have a clear conscience. Reap knows the love I have for him, and he also knows I am my own person.
I am no ones puppet.

The lies she has spread from there get more slanderous. Reap being in prison, never happened. Reap buys his daughter drugs, nope again. That he threatened her kids is the one that really is a kick in the ass. If Reap targets someone, it is for a reason. His threats are never of physical harm, or directed towards anyone other then the screwed up person that caught his attention. He will ride your ass, and expose you for whatever you are doing wrong. Nothing more, and nothing less. He hasn't come to the point he's at for lying. Is he ruthless? Yes, he is when it's called for. If he accuses you of something, he can back it up, you can bet your life on that.

Seems the latest attack is Reap being a drunkard, and drug addict. Um okay whatever. He drinks beer, and like most things can drop it on a dime. Just cause someone likes beer doesn't make you and alcoholic don't you think Tonya? As I recall you drink as well. The next is he's a drug addict......Listen to our show stupid shit, we addressed that one as well. We talk openly about our past. We have done drugs in the past but are both clean now. In fact, I was asked to be a speaker at a N.A. meeting, so judge us, then you judge Faye as well. Go ahead, knock her down for her recovery. Oh wait, that's different or is it? Not in my book.

Now last, if you want to send people to defend you please pick someone smarter then Lucille. She's a moron. Where is all your other "back up buds" to fight for you? Sure, some of the weaker minded people dropped us, but they sure in the hell aren't speaking up. No one is speaking up for you other then Laurel Lee and Lucille.

Boy Tonya great job! You know you kinda remind me of the Paranormal Police. How's that you ask? Well they too were to chicken shit to stray from their page, and their followers to handle the real truth. Something you know nothing about.

In closing....Tonya Fuck Off!

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