Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Ghost Divas

I have an issue with Tonya Hacker....she has told lies about me. She has talkled shit behind my back, she has gone onto the Ghost Divas facebook and told more lies, she ranted about me on her radio show. Did I call her and tell her to fuck off?? You are damn right I did, not because I was bored but because the things she has said about me were a load of shit..The biggest issue I have with this is not so much Tonya Hackers big mouth...she is an idiot and I will deal with her in my own way. The one thing that bothers me the most is the fact the rest of the Divas want to 'stay out of it' That would be all well and good if there were a difference of opinion between Tonya Hacker and myself, that is not the case here. This is a plain and easy to understand case of Tonya Hacker making up stories because she is a mental case. I have told the damn truth and have not ONE TIME made up lies about Tonya Hacker. Yea I could have made up some grand stories about her but I do not work that way. I have stood up for some of The Ghost Diva clan on many occasions. People saying things like one was a child molester...I stood up and did my part to stop what I thought was wrong. When Ron Tebo was talking shit over the whole 'Donna' issue I came up on him and did my part to get him to STFU. When the Melon head was rolling up I told that bitch to shut her yap too.When someone made a page called 'The Ghost Pigs' I got it removed....there are a dozen other stories like this to be told. I produced The Ghost Diva's show because I liked them, I thought they were my friends. Now when Tonya tells outright lies about me being in prison, giving my daughter drugs, me abusing my girlfriend....none of the divas want to say a word...they all just look the other way??? That is fine, at least I know how the Divas work now....the claims they make about truth are all a load of bullshit. All the shit people said about them turns out to be true...that is some sad shit. I will keep trusting people despite it biting me on the ass in this case.


  1. Great point Reap. You have always giving support, and have received none back, even when lies were told. Reaps time in prison....0, The times Reap beat me......0, The amount of drugs you purchased your daughter......0. Sorry in my book those are HUGE lies, and could be quite damaging to ones character, any one of those 3 would make me stand up for what is right, even if it was a friend saying them. Once it's out there, you can't take it back.

  2. ok how about the scam they exposed all bogus bullshit about a charity that didnt even know they existed ??? never looked anything up just fired off alot of lies that can all be proven as lies anyone that would bash a charity like that one has no respect or decency they needed to do their homework b4 they pulled that one