Monday, June 14, 2010

The Diva Factor

I have been addressing the lies of Ghost Diva Tonya H...sorry I can not use her last name because I have been informed by Myspace my account will be deleted if I keep posting about her using her full name.
The reason for this?? Tonya and her little group of followers are pissed at me...wonder why? It is because I have stood up to her and the rest of The Ghost Divas, and I have told the truth.
No worries on one hand because I have copies of emails that will present these 'ladies' as they really are. They are a group of bullies who should be ashamed of what they have done to the paranormal community, and just people in general.
I know some readers may not like the things I say and that is okay...I have talked some serious shit about some people, but I have always been honest or made the point that my point is just my opinion. Even Chris Moon and those who associate with him have not been so low-handed as the Divas, I will give them credit for that.
I have been honest and admitted when I have been wrong. I have not attacked people for no good reason, I have not told lies or made up stories about people. I have gone out of my way to make sure people who were doing wrong were at least given a chance to give their side.
I was a part of The Ghost Divas at one time, I know how they work, and I am ashamed to say I was a part of them as I look back. Now as I think about the the way they work and have become a victim of the poison they try to makes me sad and I am sorry I ever had a part in their evil and egotistical ways.
The root of all this?? In my opinion it is Tonya H....she is a lunatic. She cares not what she has to say to keep her ego growing, she will continue to lie in order to make herself look smart or she will play the victim to make people pity her. She is the lowest common denominator.
Tammy of the Divas? Tonya's buddy for ten years and told me in an email that Tonya 'has not lied in the ten years she has known her'.....does anyone else see the fault in a statement like that?
Sure the Divas want you to think they are a united front but I have been inside the little click and I can tell you this is not the case.
Amanda W? well the Divas talked shit behind her back as she was welcomed into the group.It is the way they work.
The Divas want to try and make me look like shit? I have a hundred stories to tell and I will tell each one day by day.
I tell the fucking truth and I ask the paranormal community...would you rather have the truth or a group of bullies telling lies and starting shit to make innocent people look bad? It is your call.......The time for being afraid of The Ghost Divas is over it is time to stand up if you don't then you get what you deserve. I have no stake in this I have moved on doing my own thing and it is working out quite well, but I will continue to address this my spare time.

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  1. Very interesting, can't wait to hear more of what you have to say. I've thought they were full of crap for a long time. Nice to see someone bigger and better take them on. For once, shall Tonya lose? Inquiring minds are watching, with a smile.