Monday, June 29, 2009

Endangered Psychics

Listening to a radio program today I learned something that was scary and yet at the same time it gave me hope. A doctor, one who studies brains and behavior, made a statement that was incredible but is most likely true. Unlike the kind of crap we hear from people like Chip Coffee, Sylvia brown, Chris Moon and a million others. This information is based on reality.
The doctor said in about 5 years we will be able to read a persons thoughts.
That's right, in 5 or so years there will be a machine that can tell if your thinking "that guy is a total asshole" or "damn! That chick is so hot I'd like to take her and...." Ok well you get my point right?
For those of you who are to simple to figure out what this means, it means trouble. It will be the end of people's thoughts belonging to them and only shared if they wish it so. It is also an end to lies, which would be a good thing but I am not sure about the cost or the effect of such a thing.
Even though lies can cause great harm they are part of what we are, one of the things we are able to make a choice about and those choices whichever way we choose, make us who we are.
There is also one other result of such a device as the one I am now telling you about......NO MORE PSYCHICS! Well no more fake ones anyway and if the fakes were to all suddenly be put out of business then I think it would be safe to say very few would be left . Any psychics that were left would have to be accredited by a governing body who would issue a test to see how credible the psychic was.
People like Chris Moon could prove that at least they believed their own bullshit, something I doubt will happen, no one is that F 'in lame, not even Mr Moonatic. He knows he is full of shit and now his days of telling stupid stories are numbered.
Oh yes the ones who should be tested will try to wiggle out from under it, but they will only be putting off the inevitable.
Yep the day is comin so Chip and the rest of you fakes may want to think about some retraining and Chris you can get ready to finally have a real job!! Isn't that exciting? And Sylvia, you can just go chew your cud.
Oh and all of you people out there telling lies about paranormal events.....well you may want to start thinkin about backpedaling on those stories now so you can beat the rush.
Talk about a exciting new tool for the paranormal field, screw that stupid damn box, THIS THING TELLS THE TRUTH!
Chris if you wanna try to find a way to cash in on that , be my गेस्ट.

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