Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bill O'Reilly ...Your a Dick

Bill O'Reilly doesn't like abortion, well if the world were a perfect place we wouldn't have this problem Bill, but it's not. So we get to argue about whether abortion is morally acceptable. The key is, and this key fits many arguments, how we go about that argument. What makes it possible for us to claim to be civil is the way we interact, the way we settle disputes, the way we are critical of each other, and the way we demonstrate the ability to empathize with others.
Bill isn't civilized, and he isn't very bright nor is he of any use as far as I am concerned. Bill went after a Dr Tiller, a man who performed abortions. Dr Tiller, as far as I can tell felt he was doing the right thing. he felt he was performing a needed service, not to protect rapists as Bill would have us believe but helping women. Dr Tiller was shot and killed at his church by a fucking idiot who thinks his way is the only way, a mindset supported if not bred by Mr Bill O'Reilly a cool 28 times on different shows, during his FOX broadcast.
Now I will tell you my position on abortion. It is none of my fucking business as a man to try and tell a pregnant woman what to do with her body. I can not even begin to imagine what it is like to be with child. The feelings are something unique, as men we should all realize that and leave this debate to women.The simple fact is NO ONE can draw that moral line clearly, there are always going to be questions as to whether what is being done is right and there will always be people on either side who can claim to be on the correct side of the debate and both sides can be right. Why is it we seem to be stuck in this mindset that there has to be a right and a wrong side to everything? yea there are instances when the wrong and the right are pretty clear cut. There are also times when perspective is all people have to back them up and that is going to have to be enough in some cases.
I wrote a letter to Bill O'Reilly, I'll post it below this blog.the letter was written before Bill's feelings on Dr Tiller's murder were aired. Now I am going to write another letter to Bill. Bill O'Reilly is a dick, there really is no other way to describe him in my opinion, well you could say he is a stupid asshole and that would also fit him quite well. He is unable to realize that his actions and words effect some people and to some of those people the TV is like god. they sit in front of it and it controls and guides them. They let it effect how they dress, speak, act towards others, eat, it even effects how they raise their kids. the people on TV are like the Greek gods, each controlling their own little moral section of these people's actions and beliefs. Bill has a great responsibility he needs to understand how he effects people.
Bill has blood on his hands and is no better than the very thing he accused others of being, he is a murderer the difference being Bill was not tearing into Dr Tiller's affairs because he thought he was helping anyone. If he really had wanted to help he would be adopting some of the children who have been abandoned by their birth parents or better yet since Bill doesn't seem to be role-model material, he should be talking up programs that will assist the children who are alive so that they can go to school. Bill should have helping to make people aware of the number of kids who are alive and being abused or have no health care.What about that Bill instead of preaching hate and intolerance?....you dick.

Dear Bill O'Reilly
Nice going Bill. Do you figure you saved some lives now that the doctor has been taken out of the picture? You are the Nazi, Bill. Plain and simple, you think your views are the only ones that matter. You never stop and consider there are many sides to almost every issue. Truth is subjective Bill. To believe otherwise is egotistical and stupid.
You are a murderer now Bill and yes it is just my opinion but my opinion counts just as much as yours. Go ahead and wiggle your way out from under the blame with rhetoric and place yourself in the role of denial. You went too far and you know it, I doubt you knew it while you were at it I will give you that but now you must realize your folly. Do the right thing now Bill and admit where you went wrong.Show people you really are sorry and then make amends for what you very likely helped along. While your at it try to realize you are not the end all be all. Others can have opposing views and still be right and extremists of any kind are dangerous to others. You are the perfect example of that. A man who honestly thought he was doing right was killed and your hands are bloody I am glad I am not you I would have serious trouble getting past such an event.

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