Friday, June 19, 2009

Record Companies SUCK

Well Metallica's James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich must feel pretty good today. A jury found against a single mother of 4 in a music file sharing case and fined her 1.92 million dollars. First, what judge is going to let this type of fine stick, second what 'jury of your peers' would impose a fine so high that it couldn't possibly be paid off? What are they going to do just have the lady work as a slave for the record companies for the rest of her life? Third, how can the record companies possibly justify $80,000 per song being lost? And who the fuck do the record companies think they are anyway? Those greedy pigs have been ripping people off since the day they were started. Does anyone know how much they gouged us on CDs,ticket prices and merchandising for years. The amount made by those talented enough AND lucky enough to become stars has always sickened me anyways. How can anyone who really considers about others justify spending $10,000 on a dress, or $5000 on balloons at their kids birthday party? How many would that $10,000 dress put in shoes without holes? And what could that $5000 in balloons do if it was put to a scholarship for a smart child whose family can't afford college? Oprah made around 285 million this year, what is she going to do with that money? I would love to hear more stories about overpaid people saying "Shit I have enough to live the rest of my life comfortable so I will be giving the rest to people who need and deserve a break"
Getting back to the subject,it almost seems that the victim of the record companies wrath got a jury of morons who thought it could get them some attention if they screwed this lady over.
The record companies want to scream "Thief!! Thief!!" every time someone shares a song and then act as if they are some type of branch of government. The fact is they are paying the price for being stupid.They were slow to offer their product to the public in a way that meshed with technology advances. They assumed that people would continue to allow themselves to be ripped off and that they could strong arm their way to and obedient customer base. i think that if the music industry goes under because of the sharing of information then we will be better off. The musicians who can put together more than 2 good songs and 8 more that sound like a bunch of tone- def monkeys wrote them will be successful, people will support them. The musicians who are nothing more than the result of hype and airbrushing paid for by record companies who rip off the people who keep em in business will be a thing of the past. there is a change coming and no one or thing will be able to stop it people will continue to share information at faster and faster rates. Many businesses will cease to exist because of it.Those that do continue to go on will be putting out a quality offering at a fair price in a way that is fast and easy for the public. Musicians will not make the millions and millions they have in the past. And the changes for TV and movies are coming too,and it's just as well I am getting sick of having to steal my cable, besides, there is no way I'm gonna be able to pay that $100,000,000 fine.

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