Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Obama Apple Seed

I won't claim to be a political guru. I am smart enough to know what I don't know much about. I don't have time to listen to all the information on all the issues. Part of me thinks the government makes sure they keep us busy in order to assure we don't have time to pay too much attention. If we were to have too much time on our hands and start learning exactly how inept, greedy and stupid or leadership was we would also have time to protest about it.The way it is now even if we get good and pissed who has time to even write a letter much less attend any type of demonstration?
Despite my ignorance on some of the workings of the political system I have observed some things. One of those things is that when a person is running for the position of president they say things, make promises and have lofty goals. If it is a run for second term the promises are usually a bit more subdued there is a reason for that I think. When someone is running for the office the first time no matter how old and wise they are, they are ignorant. There really is no way they could know what they can achieve while in office because they don't know what is in store for them. I have always accepted this fact and taken any political promises for what they are worth....luck. My dad has always said "the president has very little power" I agree with that mostly. The president has selective power, there are times and issues in which the president is the most powerful person you can find find involved. Then there are times when he is nothing more than a bouncer, allowing certain people into the party and keeping others outside and when the party goers start getting rowdy he can advise them to chill or get their asses kicked out. It seems the current commander and chief is getting a thumbs down from a lot of people these days.He is accused of not following through on promises, making an about face on others and not even trying to address some issues at all.
I think maybe some of these people are not taking into account the presidents ignorance before taking office. Another reason for the presidents lack of desired results could be because he had faith. He had faith that the people who he had to deal with on these issues were people who had some common sense, he was mistaken. Many of the people who must co-operate on the change we would like to see happen, are stupid. Many have their own agenda and change does not help them move towards their own desired result.Some are stuck in the old ways of doing things and nothing can make them do it different. In your daily dealings with people you come across people who do things in the slowest way possible, right? You come across people who couldn't figure out how to assemble a sandwich, right? You come across people who wouldn't do things different if you cut of both arms and a leg, am I right about that? Well those are the same kind of people we are talking about. I have said this before THE SAME PEOPLE YOU DEAL WITH IN YOUR LIFE EXIST EVERYWHERE. They look different, dress different and even speak a different language maybe but the same types of people are everywhere. There is not a special type of attitude that people who work in government have, that is just people's incorrect perception. Trying to force this perception into being reality is another part of the problem.
The other thing that bothers me a lot is the lack of patience. Who in their right mind thinks that YEARS of our country being run into the ground can be reversed at a snap of the fingers? What takes years to tear down, will take that many years, at least, to repair in most cases. What I have seen is a definitive change in direction. Even on issues that have not been effected at all, there has been positive dialog started. Sometimes all you can do is plant a seed and wait for it to grow into responsible and progressive change. Obama has been planting seeds like crazy. He has said things that you would never imagine coming out of the mouth of a president. Even if those statements do not result in a instant result, the seed has been planted.
Is Obama perfect? Um, no he isn't he is still a politician but then again who is being realistic to expect him to be ideal? I mean after all the presidents we have had leading our country shouldn't we be a bit more intelligent in what we expect? It seems foolish to complain about the exact same types of things that have been said of every previous president, and then act as though we have been betrayed.I don't think we have been betrayed by anything but our own unreasonable expectations in most cases. It is true, you reap what you sow but you don't plant corn on a Wednesday and eat it on Friday. It takes some responsible actions to care for your crops first, like getting rid of those pesky republicans....I mean weeds.

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