Thursday, May 14, 2009

Teaching the Moon

It is a radio.It will scan up/down the bands.It is believed by some that the sounds this radio emits enables the dead to speak to us. All we have to do is believe. It's good to believe in things, it makes us comfortable to have stability and reassurance and that helps us to be happy.There are a couple of reasons people in things. You can believe because of known facts or you can believe because of faith. Faith based claims are usually a result of lack of education or the inability to learn the facts.Believing is believing, no matter the reason it still provides the same comfort. There are some people who choose to remain uneducated because to educate themselves would mean the faith they had gotten comfort from for so long would be gone, useless now that they knew the facts about things. Facts to differing extremes are with us to stay and even if they are shown to be incorrect they are replaced by new facts and result in an even stronger feeling of comfort.
There is nothing wrong with faith unless you refuse to consider facts because those facts threaten your faith. The result of that is stupidity, stupidity being someone who chooses to remain ignorant. If you are to ask others to share your faith then you are spreading stupidity.
 There is a person named Christopher Moon who has one of the radios I mentioned above. He claims to speak to the dead through it...often. he has even had contact with people who were famous when alive here on earth. He also claims to have been 'chosen' , specially, for the task. By who I do not know. That would mean that from the approximate number of human who have lived (110,000,000,000) he won the lottery big time. Chris Moon does not seam to be unique except in his inability to educate himself. To claim to hear voices from a device such as his is to demonstrate his lack of understanding about the brain and how it works. I do not understand why Chris wants to be stupid.It could be because if he were to learn about the way in which the human brain processes information then his voices would not be so clear and he would have to let go of that faith he has been submersed in for so long. Along with that his claim of being unique and along with that any bit of respect he has from his followers. He has already managed to destroy his credibility among the skeptics. In fact he has been making the type of claims that many skeptics do not even give consideration to. It is one of those claims that intelligent people find so silly and unreasonable that it is easily dismissed without much consideration. The most incredible thing about it being the fact someone is even making such claims. The attempt by Chris Moon to try and use this broken radio to serve as his career of choice only shows what type of person he is. If you take the level of stupidity and greed, then add the lack of empathy it paints a picture of a person who is not easy to look at. As a final layer you can add a conceit which he has built all on his own. Convincing others to join in his uneducated rhetoric and then basking in the praise they shower upon him.
 I have spent a considerable amount of time thinking about how a person like this can be quieted because I believe he causes far more harm than he could ever hope to achieve good. His followers do not seem to need to even consult with him before they speak on his behalf, an indication of blind obedience Chris has allowed others to answer his critics on most occasions, refusing to support his argument because he say people do not like the answers he gives. Chris does not understand there are reasons people do not accept his answers, they are based on his faith. Others do not share his faith because they are educated enough to know his faith is at least questionable. No one who is being reasonable can refute some of the things we have learned about the  brain in recent years. The brain is not a perfect organ, it makes mistakes. The types of mistakes it makes can be pr oven in tests. When you do these tests you will get the same results over and over, take the one we do using this broken radio for example..........

Look at the picture below, what do you see? The round shape of the moon? Where is the circle? Its in your mind. Are our eyes the only senses that fool us? Have you ever heard of phantom limbs? People who can still feel pars of their body despite  having lost them. Our auditory senses do the same thing.Those who are listening to the box, please educate yourselves.
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