Saturday, May 9, 2009

I am currently.....

It's all the rage--FOLLOW ME! Watch or hear about every damn thing I do. Excuse me i am goin to take a piss right now. ok i'm done and now, after shaking it i am buttoning my pants. Who the hell wants to hear about that? I guess everybody cause it seems like everyone is getting into the act.Aren't we the people who have always screamed about our right to privacy? I think maybe our need to have people pay attention to us has won out. Pretty soon there will be a camera and microphone you can put on in the morning and your website will provide a live feed so anyone can check on what you are doing and saying at any time during your day.I am not saying it is wrong or bad but it just seems odd how we want to keep big brother out of our business yet we are broadcasting all our business to the world over the net.
I wonder where the twittering and facebooking will lead us.The technology we have is leading us somewhere and it is doing it more and more quickly. The amount of information we share and the speed at which we can do so just gets faster and faster. I read some where that social and cultural as well as technological change is occurring at a faster and faster rate.They say there will come a time when people's lives consist of nothing but change. If you think about that it boggles the mind.Oh shit!..... I have been sitting hear writing and i never changed my status on the net GOTTA GO!!!

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