Friday, May 8, 2009

Get off The Pot

Hi think about the following things please
There is no real prescription drug recycling program in most places.You can take your old or unused dope to the sheriff's department maybe but wouldn't it make more sense to be able to return old or unused medication to the pharmacy where you got it or to any pharmacy for that matter? This isn't the biggest problem on the planet but it seems like something we could easily put in place. The current preferred method seems to be the toilet. Test have shown that some of these drug do not get filtered by the water treatment plants,yes the amounts are very small but I would think the amount will continue to rise and I don't want to take whatever meds your deceased grandma was on..thanks.
I heard today that a poll showed 56% of Californians are in favor or legalizing marijuana.Across the nation an ABC news poll showed 46% in favor and 37% against I guess the other 17% were too stoned to answer. Ok...what are we waiting for? We are waiting for politicians to get the testicular fortitude to start the ball rolling. Why do the ignorant and uptight morons seem to have the most effect on the programs and laws we put in place? I think the intelligent and informed portion of the population need to stand up and quit being so damn passive.Lets get a handle on things people.Reality check. How damn dumb is it to have alcohol as a legal substance and outlaw weed? Anyone with a fricken brain can figure out if you can accept one you sure as hell should be able to accept the other.Shit a walnut could figure it out.

Speaking of legalizing the illegal, prostitution. Can anyone answer how many years we have been trying to stop the business of prostitution? We have failed to have any real effect, yes we have succeeded in moving it around. If you watch the show COPS you can see what I mean. Those idiots go out and do some sting and then proudly say "we have made this area safer" Well I seriously doubt the effect last long and I can tell you that it is going to take far more than some cop dressed as a hooker and a bunch of guys who like to take people's cars from them before they have even been shown to be guilty of a crime to stop people from wanting to sell or purchase sex.
Why do we so often repeat the same actions again and again expecting different results? It's as if we think the laws of nature are going to change one day. The fact is we are as a group.. stupid, and too many are that way on on their own too.
I wrote a letter to rush limbaugh wanna see it? it is. Yes I know it won't do any good but I have this habit of doing things despite the fact they are pointless, it makes me feel better.

I wonder Rush, if when you drift off to sleep at night do you ever for one second consider the effects your rhetoric has on people?As you slowly drift off and your brain prepares itself to clean its slate and start anew do you ever think that perhaps you are doing people wrong? Is your ego so needy that you must feed it at the expense of others?
If not that then does the lack of responsible behavior you demonstrate ever cause you to pause, just for a second?

I think there are many points of view in the world and just because they are different it does not mean one of them has to be wrong. You are entitled to your opinion on things just as everyone else but when a person has reached the point where they can effect the opinions of others then some care must be taken when that opinion is shared. Even more importantly the reasons and manner in which a person makes those opinions public should be considered.
Your public bashing of the president has been nothing less than plain and utter stupidity. I really had very little to do with politics in the last 8 years or so because I knew president Bush was a storm we would have to ride out. I had no opinion of Obama before he was elected. I have formed it as time goes on and I observe his actions and words.
Guess what. I did the same for you Rush.Your mouth is to fast, it outruns your brain. This country is not in good shape right now it needs to heal and it needs to regroup. Your comments about wanting the president to fail were the stupidest four words you could have uttered. Go ahead and disagree with whoever you wish but do it with some respect, and some consideration of the effects.Your attempt to clarify your position made you sound like a closet racist and was not even a little convincing. I think you said what you meant the first time.
Your a rich man Rush, you have reached a mark that many men only dream of. You have money and you have an audience.Why not use your good fortune to try and cause some positive change?.
There are some people who need this recovery to work Rush. Their happiness depends on it. Just because the manner in which it is being done doesn't please you does not mean you have the right to try and stop it from working. If what is being done now does not work then we are all screwed, there will not be time to try again.
What we don't need is you creating drama just to keep your ratings up. It is not the time for being an ignorant fool. I saw a quote from you about Obama praying to himself, look at your website. Your nothing short of a cigar smoking whore for advertisers and self worship.
The bottom line is this Rush, you can not win.Intelligent people will not allow it and if you don't tone it down then all you are going to manage is to fuck over a bunch of people just because you like to be the popular kid in class.
You are no better than most people Rush you just got lucky and instead of considering that fact you mistook it for some kind of holy power. Quit being and idiot and act responsible for every one's good.
Have a wonderful day,

That goes for you too.

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