Saturday, August 18, 2012

Stop Talking Shit Canuck, At least Try

just sayin.....

    So Surley Amy has some backup...who would backup someone that wants to prevent anyone from wearing fake jewelry or has a tshirt she finds offensive? Her friends. People like the Lousy Canuck. I'm not going to personally attack Surly Amy or Jason Thibeault. I am going to address some things though.
 Surly Amy should be ashamed of herself and instead of allowing her ego to keep her from being reasonable she should be rethinking her words about banning anything at conferences. It was foolish to even suggest it in the first place and the last thing we need is more fuel on the fire that has been burning using the common sense, dignity and reason of many bloggers and activists as fuel. I can't tell you how many times I have heard the phrase "I lost a lot of respect for ______ because of this feminist/elevatorgate/skepchick/FTB thing"  It is pathetic and sad.
   Now Jason Thibeault wants us to overlook Surly Amy's...well he pretty much just wants us to pretend she never said anything because she is his buddy. If Jason hadn't been busy trashing people and saying stupid shit because he can't control his temper, then maybe it would give people a reason to pause and consider his side. Unfortunately Jason also uses the same blog post asking for Surly Amy to be excused from making unreasonable demands to continue trashing people he has banned from his blog. Just like the unapology  he wasted his time posting a few weeks back, he can't just make his point and leave it at that.   Justin Vacula  seems to be a thorn in Jason's side so much that he just can't stop writing about him. While I'm sure Justin is flattered it would be fair to at least give the person you are spending time talking shit about an opportunity to reply.
   Jason Thibeault is being a chicken-shit pussy to put it in plain terms. He whines and complains calls anyone who disagrees a troll and has a temper tantrum if anyone he thinks is his friend disagrees with him. I'm sure it's nice to write a blog and bask in the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you have banned anyone who doesn't nod their head and smile at your every blog post. Don't get me wrong I know there are times when you must block some people because all they are posting is stupid meaningless shit...that's not the case here.
 This habit of screaming out "TROLL!" every time someone disagrees with you is growing and I find it is being abused. Mostly it is being abused by people who seem too lazy or unsure to support their statements and sometimes it is being used because the blogger wants to talk shit and never have to face the person they have targeted.
 I cleared up some things on Jason Thibeault's blog that he had got wrong. I knew they were wrong because I was directly responsible for creating a graphic he said was made in response to a DMCA report against Justin Vacula.. I did not make it for that reason. I also made sure that certain things said by Surly Amy were  brought to people's attention because Jason seem intent on making any disagreement with Amy about hating women or being bitter about harassment policies. That was not the case. Jason also included several common fallacies in his post which I pointed out because it seemed like a nice thing to do. An atheist,skeptic,feminist blogger should know when they are presenting a weak argument.He should have been thanking me.
    Instead, after I left my comment the canuck cult started blab blab blabbing. For a guy who yells "troll!" so much Jason sure does have a lot of them bobbing their heads around in his comment section. No no, don't worry, no need to rush and warn Jason he has more trolls to ban. These trolls work on Jason's side of the fence. When they operate like that Jason has no problem with them. I answered the first couple and read some of the comments following my post and not one person presented a good counter argument.The best they could do is ask me to prove what should have been obvious. I don't have time to do that over and over. I made my points a bit clearer by responding a couple times then I said Jason could contact me if he had any issues with what I said. I doubt I will hear from him if his past behavior is any indication.  It seems Jason is content with standing behind a wall with a group of friends while he lobs things over it at others and his friends all pat him on the back.There is little I can do about it except post my opinion on it and wait for him to muster up the testicular fortitude to stand up for what he blogs about and what he says about other people who disagree with him.
  The sad part is I'm sure Surly Amy and Jason Thibeault are people who have allowed emotion, ego, and knee-jerk reaction to rule in this case and that almost always results in bad decisions and words that are tough to support using the good old logic and reason you had been using up until then. It's okay to be wrong sometimes, admit it, correct it, and move on. Don't allow your ego to be more important than the truth and fairness, that just isn't fair.

 As I post this it has become public knowledge that Surly Amy is responsible for at least some of the DMCA reports that have been popping up. It would not be totally unreasonable to assume she had something to do with all of  them. I can't wait to see if Jason Thibeault makes another appeal to ignore Surly Amy's actions or bothers to apologize for incorrectly posting accusatory comments or saying that some people were wrong in even suggesting Amy was behind all the DMCA complaints.
  If you want to read about what I've been talking about, here you go-


  1. The last couple of lines on this post are quite pertinent and show the hypocrisy and illegality of at least *some" of the lumps of dried clay she sells as "jewellery":

  2. I find it a shame that the focus has turned from the common topic, to high school girls bitch fighting for the "oh no you didn't!" mentality. I am a female, and all for being allowed to attend a function at ease. I don't see where someones t-shirt, or mock jewelry needs any thought or discussion with grown adults. After all they say any attention is good attention Amy. People who are not aware of who you are, or what you sell, will be curious and seek you out. Grow up, rise above it, and as my mother would say.....Ignore them, and they will go away. I personally would like to get back to the topic at hand.

  3. Jason, after I pointed out a post he made was a huge appeal to emotion, told me to I needed a 'thicker skin'. Mind you, I was the one calling for rationality. Then he blocked me from commenting.

    It's like dealing with children. Meanwhile, there is harassment going on against people but it will get drowned out because of antics like his and the like. When people on a certain side draw equivalency between credible rape threats (uncool) and parody of a public figure (acceptable), you've lost all credibility.

    It's so... fundamentalist of them. Us or them, with or against...

    1. It's weird how many people have been blocked for no other reason than disagreement. I'm talking about reasonable rational people who simply don't agree. I'm wondering if it has always been like this we are just noticing it more because FTB provides a way for it to be viewed in one location instead of spread-out through the internet. Or could it be a change in attitude because of a gang-mentality going on..I don't know but it's getting annoying.

  4. Fuck FTB bloggers. I support Harriet's right to wear that shirt and agreed with its content. I am sick and tired of all this shit those social justice crappers are shitting out their mouths....