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A+ Gets a bad grade

A+ Turning atheism into will be assimilated

Taking the wind from the sails-
   I have been host of an internet talk radio program for 5 years. I co-host several others, my opinions are regularly made public. I have been blogging for the same amount of time about anything and everything. I have an adult teen aged daughter. I went to court and gain custody of my daughter when she was 5 and I realized her mother was not wiling or able to provide a good living/learning environment. I also have a severely disabled son (cerebral palsy) who is 13..
 Now before anyone wants to start slapping labels on me (which seems to be the way some people defend their actions these days) you had better be able to provide examples....good ones

In the beginning--
  I came across the following paragraph in a post titled How I Unwittingly Infiltrated the Boy’s Club & Why It’s Time for a New Wave of Atheism  written by  Jen McCreight
"Feel free to use this post to discuss how you feel about A+. I don’t think it needs to be an official name – I want to improve the atheist movement, not create a splinter faction or something. But it’s fabulous marketing-wise and as a way to identify yourself as a progressive atheist, or whatever term you want to use. I know I’d love for people to start wearing A+ pins and Surlyramics so I know who I want to chat with."

 I don't want to just sit and talk shit about Jen cause I think she has a very positive vision of the world as it should look through her eyes.I believe she should work to change the world as she sees fit. Having said that I think maybe her current view is a but unfair to most who call themselves atheists. Jen has has some bad experience with jerks as a result of her Boobquake idea. In the wikipedia about boobquake it says that Jen had been writing a blog describing herself as a feminist for a year. Then the boobquake idea came and she suddenly found herself being objectified and treated differently. It was an internationally recognized event. For her not to expect certain men to act like idiots is unreasonable.  I think that is more than unfortunate but I wonder why it seems she is choosing to basically accuse atheists as a whole for that happening. I don't stand around with my hands in my pockets when I see men acting like dicks to women and I strongly resent the careless way other atheists are claiming there is a huge 'good ol boy' network that comprises atheism, and they look like me. If I were to describe feminists by using certain physical traits how would that make them feel? I wouldn't do that because it is ignorant, get my point yet?
While I can't claim to know exactly what it feels like to be a woman who is hated by men I can understand the problem and I can do my part to try and help.
 I recently had a former porn actress on my Angry Atheist podcast, we didn't talk about porn and we didn't talk about her ex boyfriend Charlie Sheen. We talked about atheism. Despite that I have been labeled as a woman hater by people Like Surly Amy and Jen McCreight. Who do they think they are and since when do people support such behavior?

Who started this?
 Let's not forget Madalyn Murray O'Hair.  She had a pretty important role in the atheist movement if I remember correctly ( I do)
Infamous anti-feminist Madalyn Murray O'Hair , yea right
 David Silverman, who is the current leader for American Atheists has had a stellar record for including women in American Atheist positions. Is anyone screaming about that? Have you heard all the woman hating 'good ol boys' calling for David to be thrown out cause he is a sissy pansy? No, you have not. what?
Well so far we have a list but no one has made anything official. It sounds much like the occupy movement in that it has no clear definition as to what it wants to achieve. So far it has included
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Homophobia
  • Trans-phobia
  • Able-ism
  • Class-ism
  • Ageism
  • Neurotypicalism
  • Animal welfare
  • Environmental issues
  • Political issues (Health care, crime, drug laws) 
  Don't worry, I had to look a couple of those up too. Now I would suggest that while these issues are all important each one is of differing importance to each individual. The way these issues should be dealt with is up for debate to say the least. I have not seen anyone who has suggested how to resolve that problem.
   If the world was perfect then everyone would want the exact same things as us and want them just as badly. You may have noticed, the world isn't perfect. I am happy that there is a group of people who want as large a segment of atheists as possible to all live under the same umbrella, it seems like a very special place and I'm sure the feelings of warmth and coziness would be overwhelming. Trouble is, the world isn't perfect.

Why limit yourself?
   I have often heard it said that one of the weaknesses of the atheist movement is that you can not get them to all agree. I believe this is a strength as well. Once you start laying hard rules down you are asking people to conform.We all know what else expects you to conform, religion and political parties.Our biggest problems in society stem from these two things IMO.Now we want to turn atheism into the same thing?
  I know there are jerks who are also atheists some people think I am one of them and sometimes I am, the trouble is you need me, just like we need atheist who are also feminists, atheists who passive, or atheists who are vegans. The atheists who behave in ways that are socially unacceptable will be shunned. Those people will either learn how to behave in a socially acceptable manner or they will be ignored. No one person or group is going to do this it will be a result of the movement as a whole it will be natural.. With such a diverse group we need to consider each instance on a case by case basis.
  One reason I am comfortable calling myself an atheist is because it is a specific definition. I don't have a problem identifying as an atheist because it is clear what that means. It is similar to my political stance as an independent. While I tend to agree with the democrats on most issues at this time, I don't always, and for me to call myself a democrat would mean people could possibly misunderstand my position on certain issues.
   The A+ idea will do the same thing. Why would a group of people purposely make it easier for others misunderstand what it is they believe in?
To be continued-
 I have some ideas as to how this all came about and it doesn't paint a very good picture of the people involved. I will be sharing those thoughts in my next blog. Some people are going to be upset I'm sure but like I always say "The truth only hurts if you deserve it"
 In the meantime feel free to use some of these graphics to represent your brand of atheism, I doubt if you will see any Surly Amy Surlyramics jewelry using these but hey I can make jewelry too, it's not just a hobby for women you know.....






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