Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Richard Carrier Carries On About A+


  Well Richard Carrier seems determined to push his A+ club down our throat. It almost seems like he feels a need to guilt people into becoming one of the A+kateers. I guess I will refrain from calling Richard by the fun nickname I gave him, Richy. Someone complained that it was disrespectful. I guess they were speaking on behalf of Richard Carrier because they knew he would find it disrespectful, it was probably his BFF. A lot of people telling other people what other people will find offensive these days huh?
    So instead of using bright red text to make my point (yea someone complained about that too...sigh) I'm going to give you a link. This will of course increase the traffic to Richards blog but yesterday I saw where a few Freethought bloggers said drama doesn't have an effect on blog hits. They even provided one slightly flawed test example along with some flawed data to support this. it was in response to Richard Dawkins posting on twitter for people to ignore sites creating drama to increase revenue.
How about sites that create new atheist groups to push sales of jewelry and books?

    I replied to Richard Carrier in his comment section but being as he is so very busy and approval could be days or weeks away if it ever does get approved, I'll share it with you here.

What if we are against all the things you suggest we should be but our biggest problem is we resent people like you insulting our intelligence by acting like we all need you to point out what is obvious?
     I think it is safe to say we don't need A+ because we already don't allow the behavior you are talking about to go on. I can speak for myself and say I never have allowed discrimination or intimidation of any kind to go unchecked. That's why I am speaking out against A+. A lot of the people who are at the root of it have displayed behavior that is not fair and/or mature. You don't label people as misogynists just because the person they happen to have a problem with is a woman. If they are making statements that are inclusive of all women then yes it may be appropriate. But if someone says "I think 'female person's name' is dumb" that doesn't mean they are a misogynist. To make that claim is irresponsible at least. That is just one example of why I don't feel comfortable identifying as A+. I also have a problem with your use of "Atheism less" to describe people who don't want to join your new club. What qualifies you as someone who can make such determinations about such a diverse group? I have not been impressed with your abilities to make sound decisions about the true intentions of others up to now. You make too many assumptions about people and you seem a bit paranoid. Last but not least I think it is unhealthy to refuse to deal with people who think differently than we do in any aspect of life. We need to keep communication lines open with the hopes we can effect change for the better. If we give up on or shun people whom with we don't agree with we are enabling them to continue their behavior without any counter to it. I will keep addressing idiocy for as long as it takes no matter what it calls itself. As a side note I would also suggest you have someone read your posts before you present them to the public. You tend to ramble and contradict yourself every so often. I think maybe people could better understand your points if you made them clearly and consistently.

      I will also add here for people like Lousy Canuck who scream "troll!" every time they can't handle the argument presented. At the same time allowing his own troll gang to keep the propaganda..I mean comment section, heading in the desired direction. If you aren't really interested in an exchange of ideas besides the ones you hold true then just say so. All you need to do is post a blog that says "Opposing ideas will be banned. Anyone who upsets me will be banned. Anyone who tries to expand the conversation will be banned. Thank You. Have a nice day" Problem solved. This pretending to want to learn and consider other perspectives needs to stop. A lot of people are wasting time when they could be somewhere else not getting banned because they have a differing opinion.

     I'd also like to bring up another question. Who is it that made Rebecca Watson, Surly Amy, PZ Myers, Lousy Canuck, and the rest of the A+keteers who are acting like the be-all-end-all when it comes to correct social attitude,the mouthpieces of the offended and attacked? When people speak out against things that offend them or things that make them feel threatened they usually are speaking on their own behalf. I've heard women say "Just because you didn't feel objectified that doesn't mean you weren't. You were objectified you just didn't know it at the time. Now you do." What is that supposed to mean? I know there may be instances where that occurs but I like to think most women are smarter than that, at least the ones I know are.
   There are no absolutes when it comes to feelings. Some things are more obviously going to make a majority of people feel the same way, such as forcible rape. Most people will come down on the same side about that. But when you get to things like a guy asking a woman's name on the bus, it isn't so clear. Wouldn't it border on socially dysfunctional to get offended by being asked your name?  Maybe Rebecca Watson should seek treatment  for Nomatophobia (fear of names) or Onomatophobia (fear of certain words or names) The thing that A+ seems to ignore is it's a big world and the differences between what is acceptable/unacceptable behavior are huge. Even when there are stark differences that does not mean one way always has to be more correct than the other.
   For Richard Carrier to say he doesn't want to talk to people who don't believe in the same things as him yet claim he is fighting for equality and reason makes no sense. How can you claim to be fighting for a cause when you ignore the people who need to hear your message the most. Sorry , Richard is too busy preaching to the choir he won't be speaking at your event because you don't think like him.....you are lessors.
  If anyone who is part of A+ refuses to speak at your conference. I know several people who can keep your audience entertained and would be happy to stand in and educate your audience about atheism, gender equality, skepticism, sexual harassment and many other social issues that we should be addressing. How else are we going to change the world? It's not like we can kick people off the planet, right Richard?.....Richard? Don't even think about it.


  1. A nice piece in the comments section with 2 A+ admins in bitter disagreement. One realizes the other is a dimwit and now rejects the A+ dogma. http://m.facebook.com/groups/412196292176010?ref=bookmark&__user=100003708888785 look under a post started by Anj L*****.

  2. & T shirts. They have an entire cornucopia of trash to push on those gullible to fall for it, i don't have enough cash to EAT 7 days a week so i must be lucky??