Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Open Letter To Chip Coffey

  There once was a man named Chip Coffey. Chip thought he was psychic and needed as much attention as he could get. Chip began to stick his nose into the lives of children and adults. No one was safe from his antics. Chip also liked to dismiss any critics as hateful or jealous. Sometimes he would even encourage his followers to bully anyone who acted or spoke against him. 
 One day someone thought Chip deserved a taste of his own medicine and a website appeared  http://chipcoffey.info
Chip tried to have the site removed, and succeeded, but soon the site was up and running again better than ever. It seemed Chip was too stupid to realize he couldn't crush free speech forever. Chip started to whine about the website and even sent a cease and desist letter. No one listened. Chip even blogged about the website and included the response to his cease and desist letter even though it made him look like an idiot. Sometimes that kind of behavior is exactly what people count on. 
  Soon after Chip was presented a letter in an attempt to help him become a better person and not be such a dick. That letter can be found below.

     Hello Chip. Word has been goin around you are upset about something. I don't really pay much (none actually) attention to people who act shitty, do stupid stuff,  treat others like crap and then start crying when someone evens things out a little. Kinda like you've been doing. You thought it was funny to make fun of Kirby's condition, it really shouldn't have been funny. To a person with any compassion it wouldn't have been funny and to a person with any class the thought of making fun like that would never be something they would actually do. I know there has been some bad blood but to go to that level? I've heard a lot of people bad mouthing you over the years Chip. Sometimes I've heard people make fun of your sexual orientation, or say you are a pedophile. I never laughed at those shots, in fact hard as it may be to believe, I've put a stop to such talk many times because it just isn't right. I wonder where your line is sometimes Chip. How does it make you feel when others take those cheap shots? Does it make you feel good so you thought it would be cool to make another person feel good the same way?
    I also know you have a habit of sending your cult-like followers to do your dirty work. Instead of dealing with things like a grown adult you would rather send some easily controlled weak-minded groupies to harass anyone who is bad-mouthing the almighty Chip Coffey. Sure you will probably claim you don't do such things but you must be aware of it happening at least. I've never heard you say "Now now people, don't be bullies. I'm an adult and I will deal with my problems on my own" For instance I have received several emails from people who are less (much less) than sane or intelligent on your behalf. It must be flattering to have the support of people who are not quite playing with a full deck, a few rides short of a carnival, a couple sandwiches short of.....well you get my point. Let me inform you of something. The little moron army that has worked to intimidate people on previous occasions is going down a different road this time. This road leads straight into my yard.  Anyone who emails to say a bunch of crazy shit about going to hell, having no soul, being jealous of you ( that one cracks me up!!)  or any other babbling will find themselves in the wrong yard. In case you still don't get it I make it even more clear- They don't stand a chance, every keystroke they peck out is a complete waste of energy and time.
        Speaking of emails it would be polite to take a few minutes and thank everyone who has been sending supportive emails about the chipcoffey.info site. It's been good to know so many people are finding such satisfaction from Chip Coffey being made to look foolish. It seems you have done a lot of people wrong Chip and they are pissed at ya. Did you ever think maybe you were in the wrong on some occasions? No of course not, you are just a poor innocent victim right? Nope, that's not true, you aren't innocent and the only thing you are a victim of is your own inflated ego. Nobody should consider themselves above any and all criticism. You need to wake up and at least try to understand there is not a special set of rules for you. Nature didn't mutate you so that you have special abilities or the ability to tap into some power everyone else has but just haven't learned to use yet. The laws of nature apply to you too Chip. There is also no special rule that allows for you to behave in any manner you wish, or to treat others unfairly without anyone calling you on it just because you are named Chip Coffey. I know you are able to fool a lot of people with your little act, maybe you have even fooled yourself  but a delusion is a delusion try to snap out of it. Can't you provide a positive message for people without outright deceiving them or possibly doing them harm.
       I know some people (including you) think I am just doing this because I hate you, or I'm jealous ( ha ha man that's funny!) or I'm just a childish jerk who needs attention, none of those reasons are correct. The reason is because you are being and have been a dick yet you portray yourself as a good, wholesome person. You have in the past supported Chris Moon, Dana, Blabs and the other mooniacs while they slandered me claiming I had done things that were totally untrue. You acted as if you knew the things they were saying were factual. That is when you gained my attention. The things they said were all lies however so I said as much and went on with my life because I am an adult. Then I start to hear about you causing others to fear for their safety due to your little moron army intimidating your critics. My respect for you went down again. Then you start the Psychic Kids gig. No matter how many people spoke out questioning your actions you blew them all off as tho they had no valid concerns whatsoever. Over and over again I see you acting like you are so pure and positive while you act like an inconsiderate prick (to say the least) behind your facade. I'm tired of you now Chip, someone needs to give you a reality check. At this point I don't expect you can start acting like a normal human being but it's worth a try. I am not going to let you continue to abuse, disrespect, and harm others without saying or doing something about it. There are plenty of people who think the same way as I do Chip, its not as if I am acting alone. You deserve to be mocked for the things you do and have done.

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