Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Say No To WIX Say Yes To Freedom/Psychic Satan


Satan, which deceiveth the whole world
As you may or may not know I have been addressing a certain psychic named Chip Coffey. Chip is pretty pissed off about the way I have pointed out his irresponsible behavior and he really hates the parody website I created. Yes I did create the current website so Chip can STFU with his pathetic crying about me being a liar and somehow expecting people to think if he says I lied about one thing that he can say everything else from me is a lie too. This simply gives a perfect, clear example of what a simpleton we are dealing with. 
  Let me also inform Chip Coffey, the man who has never done wrong, that I don't give a rat's ass what he posts on his blog or how many times he tries to make himself look like an angel, smart people can see right through him. Unfortunately not all people are smart.  There was an original parody website about Chip Coffey on WIX. 
 Chip went crying to them about the site and they removed it. I don't agree with the method used by WIX so I shared my concerns with them. Consider this a warning to anyone who is considering using WIX or anyone concerned with the freedom of expression. Here is what I sent them. 

WIX supports the crushing of expression and humor- STOP LAUGHING!!

       Just wanted to say thanks to Wix for deleting our site without any notice or contact to/with the creators. After it had been deleted I got a message informing me of  copyright violation. None of the content was in violation of copyright/fair use. If someone would have contacted me I could have explained it in clear easy to understand terms and limited my use of large words if necessary.
 The site was a parody ( the humorous use of an existing song, play, speaker or writing which changes the words to give farcical and ironic meaning. Parodies have been challenged as copyright infringements on the original works. Recent decisions favor the parodies and say they have an originality of their own and, thus, are not infringements. There is a free speech issue involved in these decisions since parodies traditionally have social and political significance. ) of a PUBLIC FIGURE.
   In case you were not aware of it- The First Amendment protects forms of parody and satire involving public figures or public officials against a variety of claims, including libel, slander, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
The Supreme Court has ruled that  commercial character does not create a presumption that  parody violates fair use.
   It would be good customer service to at least ask the webmaster/owner for their explanation of the content then make a well-informed decision rather than just remove the content with a mindless knee-jerk reaction.
   I would warn anyone with any content that could possibly be reported as a violation of  fair use/ copyright  laws in any way by any random person not  use WIX unless they are comfortable with the possibility of their website being removed without any warning. These days people like to report violations just for fun because companies like WIX will mindlessly remove the content.
 The only abuse in this instance was against freedom of expression. The public figure was a psychic from the A&E show Psychic Kids. He is similar to Sylvia Brown only not as credible.(get my point?)   I hope you at least got  a free psychic reading out of the deal.
     As a result (in case you didn't notice) I didn't renew my paid hosting accounts and it will be my pleasure to share my experience with WIX on my radio show, podcast, blog, social media, and any other forums. It may say somewhere in the TOS that you can remove content for any reason without warning but I think pointing out that you actually do so will give people a reason to rethink using WIX as well they should.
 Thanks for nothing.

 The deed is now done and WIX can't fix the past. The service they offer is already a bit overpriced as it is and I'm not about to pay for a website that you have to create yourself only to have it removed by some idiot who doesn't know the law.
  Another obvious issue is brought up by this. Chip Coffey believes in censorship. Oh he will say he is all for freedom and all that......until someone exercises that freedom and disagrees with him. This isn't the first time it has happened to someone who has been critical of Chip Coffey. Is Chip be willing to debate with his critics?  I have invited him to be on my show and talk over some of the concerns I have. He has never replied. He can talk a bunch of shit about me on his blog but he can not have an adult conversation person to person. He can say I'm just a hater but I have had numerous guests on my radio show and I have always shown them the same level of respect they show me. Any attempts by Chip to say  "He will just be hateful" or any other similar claims are unfair and can not be supported by facts.
  I expect all we will see or hear from Chip Coffey is more of him playing the poor helpless victim. He will most likely continue to try and shield himself from critics by hiding behind a cause worthy of supporting. He has been known to use issues such as gay equality, animal protection, or cyber bullying in this way. 
  What better way to make yourself look like a victim than to claim you are not being attacked because of your lies or dangerous behavior but because you are gay? Even though the fact you are gay has nothing to do with anything being said. Or maybe on your website you place picture of yourself rallying against hate then anyone who comes out against you must be in favor of hate, right? How completely pathetic and insulting to people's intelligence. Does Chip Coffey really consider people to be that stupid? He must because he has used this tactic over and over and over again.  It would explain some of his behavior that indicates he has no compassion for others, especially children. 
Chip Coffey sells evil by the minute
Chip Coffey sells evil by the minute GET YOURS NOW!
   I guess this type of behavior is to be expected from a guy who charges such a high fee to "help others" and still claim he cares so much about other people. Sure he cares, if you can afford it. Maybe he is just leaving out fact he cares, about your wallet and credit card. He is giving special seating to any of his fans willing to pay extra. Can't afford it? Too bad, watch from a distance. Well at least he will talk on the telephone for free right? Does anyone who is reading this charge to talk to the people they care about? Well Chip does. His fee works out to $6.66 per minute if you do the math. Isn't that interesting? I don't believe in the devil cause I'm an atheist but Chip Coffey does, he is a Catholic. Well he SAYS he is a Catholic. Maybe he just doesn't do math really well, or maybe he is a spawn of Satan, who knows? What we do know is he wants you to pay $6.66 to be entertained by him telling you stuff that may or may not be true and is for entertainment only... good times ..good times..

Chip Coffey- Some refer to him as "the charles manson of psychics" other just call him "jerk"


  1. Go. Fuck. Yourself. It's a Goddamned show. If you want to bitch about bad examples, start a blog on the Kardashians.

  2. Dear Stupid- This blog isn't about a show. It's about a website hosting company and an idiot who needs to lie about having super powers in order to validate himself. While I do agree the Kardashians are morons they are not trying to pretend they have special powers those idiots would talk all fucking day long for free. Why is it so far EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has come to Chip Coffey's defense has the IQ of a broken rubber band and is half as useful ?