Saturday, May 12, 2012

Home Of The Homophobic

   North Carolina passed a constitutional amendment this May. It makes gay marriage illegal and same-sex civil unions illegal too. It was already illegal for gays to marry but some local laws allowed benefits for couples who were in same sex relationships. That is in danger of being put to a stop too.
 I wonder how the people who live in the "land of the free" can possibly come to the conclusion this is a good thing. Will hetero marriages be threatened by gays who would get married? How? Is it because the word marriage has secret powers that will be lost if gays are allowed the same rights as everyone else? From what I've seen marriage has been treated like shit by hetero couples for a long long time. Are gays going to hurt the shiny image marriage has? Will it be less respected than it already is? 50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second and 74% of third marriages end in divorce. How is that demonstrating marriage is sacred? Any christian, make that any person who thinks marriage is considered sacred by the people who get married is an idiot. It simply is not true. The divorce rates alone show at least half of the people who get married don't consider it sacred, they toss away their vows as if they meant nothing. Now let's add in the number of people who cheat on their spouse. Yea sacred institution my ass.
 Now lets consider the people who vote against gay marriage. They don't believe gays have the right to join in the benefits that come with marriage. That is called discrimination. What person in this country isn't aware of discrimination? We have been fighting different types of discrimination ever since be first became a country. How damn long does it take to learn that discrimination in any form is not fair? I suppose African Americans, Chinese, Native Americans, Jews, Christians, Mexicans, women, the disabled, the elderly, or dozens of other groups have no way of knowing what it is like to be discriminated against? And whites? Should white people be ashamed enough of all the unfair bullshit that has been pulled? Hasn't the white race screwed over enough different people to be aware that 'discriminatory' could be included in the definition of whites for most of the history of this country? That bothers me, in fact it not only bothers me but it embarrasses me. I'm not proud of what previous generations have done, but the best I can do is make sure I do the right thing and ensure the people who live in my country are all allowed the same freedoms as everyone else. For anyone in this country to feel like it is okay to vote against gays being allowed to marry is shameful. I want people who read this to think about it and understand that we are all human beings. It's that simple. A fucking 4 year old could figure it out and understand. No one in this country has any excuse to limit the rights of others to get married and live their life dedicated to the person they love. NO ONE. How dare anyone who does ever claim to be an American who believes in freedom and liberty. You people in North Carolina who voted against gay marriage are all self centered painfully ignorant hypocritical assholes, at best. You make me sick and the thought that you could spit in the face of all the people who have died to keep this country FREE for us to live in and enjoy our lives is a very sad reflection of the kind of people you are. There is not an asterisk next to the word freedom in the Constitution. There is no fine print that reads "except gays" well there wasn't until you came along and put it there. North Carolina didn't even offer another option for gays. Maybe North Carolina should change it's motto to "Gays? FUCK 'EM, WHO CARES?"
  It would be interesting if we could take some of the people who voted against gay rights back in time to when their own group was being discriminated against in some way. As much as people like to think the gay marriage issue is unique, it isn't. The feelings of unfairness and lack of compassion take the same toll and feel just like any other example of ignorance.
 I often hear people say that religious people aren't stupid. I disagree. In this instance for anyone to claim or actually feel like marriage needs to be defended against gays because they present some kind of threat to it is an example of plain and utter stupidity. There simply is no other way to describe it. We have enough history to teach us that it's wrong to deny others the same rights we have just because they have a different color skin or lifestyle. There is nothing showing that hetero married people have a weaker marriage because gays are doing it too.
 I'll close by saying this is one subject where there should be no debate and it provides a perfect example of how religion is hurting us. Anyone who disagrees can take their warped sense of right and wrong and shove it. I would also suggest you take a long hard look at yourself cause you are having trouble understanding you are not any better than anyone else on the planet. You are human, so are the people you are treating as less deserving just because you don't understand how they think and refuse to accept them the way they were born.
   "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

   Is it really that hard to understand?  

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  1. Beware the gay for your life, it will destroy society, especially when it acquires it's superpower through having a marriage certificate! How sad that one group of human's want to deny another group the same rights!
    I believe that up to 10% of the population is gay and other research I have read indicated that up to 30% of the populous had questioned their sexual orientation at some point in their life. Human sexual diversity is part of our species, simple as that!
    Yet typically right wing conservative people are afraid that same sex marriages will somehow undermine civilisation, that overnight everyone is going to turn LBTQ???
    What real threat to society I ask myself??
    Just that it offends your god apparently, who made everything in his image………………and it threw in the gays, trans, pans, etc just to test us!!! Seems plausible…….not!!!
    Quite laughable that the people who oppose such equality position themselves in society as knowing what is best, with god on their side. Fuck god… is wrong (if it existed in the first fucking place)…….honestly religious people with their deluded beliefs and silly, petty and pernicious scriptures and rules.
    That a piece of paper called a marriage certificate will disintegrate our democratic process?? No….a true measure of a society is how it treats those most marginalised……..very sad that North Carolina has just gone backwards in the civilising process……shameful!!!!