Monday, May 7, 2012

Ted Nugent STFU

 I'd like to take a moment and add Ted Nugent to the list of Republican loud-mouthed-irresponsible-dumb-as-a-stump-attention-whores.

In a speech at the 2012 NRA Convention in St. Louis, Nugent said, "If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year." He also compared the Obama administration to coyotes who needed to be shot, and encouraged voters to "chop [Democrats'] heads off in November."

 In my opinion Ted Nugent's music sucks. For as long as I can remember every-time a Ted Nugent song came on the radio I instinctively would reach out to change the station. Someone who has such a big hard on for killing living things and weapons is clearly a few rides short of a carnival. He has a habit of demeaning women by calling them whores and sluts and he likes to mention guns whenever talking about a man he dislikes. He also often refers to himself as 'uncle ted', it is kinda creepy.
  I don't give a fuck that he dislikes Obama, that's his right. I do give a fuck that he thinks it's okay to give the clear impression  violence is the answer to any disagreements he has with others. That's irresponsible and stupid . Ted is well aware of the fact he is a public figure and people listen to him why would he support violence against the president or anyone else? Does Ted ever read the damn newspaper? There are enough people lashing out at things they don't like with guns and violence already. We don't need some no-talent gun sucking half-wit encouraging more of it. 
 If you don't agree with Ted then you must be a fucking dumb animal and Ted has a strange need and desire to kill animals. He thinks they were put on the earth for him to kill.
 Ted claims to be a big-hearted man who does charity work with dying kids and the needy but if you are interviewing Ted and ask the wrong question or paint him in the wrong light then Ted will lash out at you and your female producer. I guess he has selective compassion.

 A box of rocks could understand social interaction better than Ted Nugent. He says "political correctness" like it's some kind or venereal disease. Not because he likes to be direct, it's because he thinks he should be allowed to act like a dick to anyone he disagrees with and no one should question it.
  Ted Nugent speaks out against drug and alcohol use, that's good. Then he turns around and tells people to start "cutting off heads" when it comes to Democrats. That's not so good.
  Listening to Ted for 5 min is enough to provide a clear picture. He likes to hear himself speak and his way is the only way. Listening to him talk about himself I get the impression he values only one persons opinion, his own.
 A draft dodger who says people in the military are his blood brothers while he did all he could to never be one of them in the past. Ted seems to say things about himself that are good in order to convince others, actually he has to do that because his actions don't make him look real good. He claims not to be homophobic but says he finds gay sex to be "against nature" which is untrue.Ted would know this if he would pick up a fucking book instead of a gun once and a while.
  I don't disagree with everything Ted says but the things he says wrong make me stop and think maybe it's time to rethink those opinions. If this proves to be a good thing then I will have something positive to say about Ted Nugent. Ted should stick to what seems to be his calling in life, talking about how perfect he is and killing things, I'd rather he didn't pick up his guitar. 


  1. Dudes & Dudettes,
    While it true that Mr. Nugent is a total ass-hole, I say let him shoot (NPIed) his mouth off. It only puts his GOP pals into the obvious collective box of red-neck, chuckle-heads who (as Obama put it) "cling to their Bibles & Guns" as if their lives depended on it. This only serves to embarrass "conservatives".
    You know what? We got Springsteen.... That guy has more talent than Cat-Scratch-Boy could conjure-up in 5 life times.
    Lastly, I think that we should reserve this web site to topics germaine to Atheist causes. We already know that the GOP hates us.

  2. And WE'RE the angry ones? lmao