Monday, October 17, 2011

Eric Cantor of the Republican Rhetoric Party

     Allow me to start out by sending out a message directly to and for Eric Cantor....  
Eric Cantor with all due respect would you please shut your fucking big stupid mouth and go the fuck away. Your ego is far too inflated with your own hot air for you to ever be helpful, insightful, or mindful enough so that you can qualify as any type of leader. I suggest you move on to a crew leader position at a Mc Donalds since your style reminds me of a teenager who just got his first chance to boss other people around. The United States is not comprised of kids who are working their first job and haven't had enough life experience to see you are a dick. Wait ,I did say "with all due respect" so let me rephrase that.... Fuck off idiot. 
     Let's watch this video so everyone can get an idea why I think Eric Cantor is an inept little weasel. 

    Besides the fact Eric has the look and demeanor of a punk ass preppy who spends the first 30 minutes of each day popping zits on his face and treating his acne, he is stuck-up. Eric Cantor thinks the possibility of his being wrong is less than zero. If you watch the way he holds his head and the mannerisms he uses Eric clearly thinks he shits gumdrops, and if he allows you to have one of those gumdrops you should be thankful, very thankful. Eric first referred to the protesters by saying they were 'mobs'. Isn't the word 'mob' a historically negative term when used by politicians? If a politician says 'mob' then don't you have a vision of money laundering, illegal gambling and corruption or other criminal activities? 
    It plain that Eric didn't see the protests as positive. He didn't even see them as people exercising their freedoms, they were 'mobs' , out of control and dangerous. Then when he is called on it does he back off the term? NOPE. Instead he says there are other things more important than his use of the word. Eric is in a huff because the Democrats are supporting the protesters position that big business is also to blame for the problems we are currently having. His position is not enough blame is being put on Washington. We can safely assume Eric does not plan on taking his plate of blame and trying to force it down. No, Eric seems to think he has a nice clean plate with some golden etching on it spelling out "COOL CANTOR" in a graceful arch. Well Eric Cantor I hope very soon someone or something comes along plops a nice big helping of 'you re not helping' on that pretty little plate. 
   All Eric does is support something that becomes more and more clear each day. The Republicans are not out to see this country come back and support the people who live in it. The Republicans want to see America come back riding on the backs of the American people.They should give as much and work as hard as possible, not for a better life for themselves but for a bigger America. A bigger America represented by corporations and bottom lines instead of the voices of honest hard working happy people. 
     If you are a Republican or a Democrat I want you too look at what is happening. This bullshit need to stop. The two parties can not get anything done and while the Republicans are acting like the biggest racist, greedy, male chauvinist, two-faced idiot dick-heads on the planet the fact remains they are just the worser of two evils. The Democrats are just smart enough to know when to shut the fuck up and do what is needed to keep the people happy enough so marching through the street seems a silly thing to do when there is football, internet, and i pads to be attended to and shopping to be done. 
   I don't know where this is all going to end up when it's done but I would like to see Eric Cantor at a fast food counter asking me what size fries I want when it's through. I don't know if he realizes the possibility these protests could go very wrong he doesn't seem to see that but then you wouldn't be able to spell Cantor without C-A-N-T.

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