Friday, November 4, 2011

Per Second

  With the planet reaching 7 billion people I heard a news report that informed me there are 5 births per second. 5 per second! Amazing. It kinda gives you an idea of how we tend to live in a bubble. Most of us behave as though the only things that really happen occur within our scope of vision. Even people who include the information they see on the internet still fail to grasp the enormity of human events.
    I figured it would be fun and easy to take the entire year, compress it into one day and see what numbers I would come up with.
If you took one year and lived it as a day, here's what would be happening ....

1562.5 births per second

Number of days of heavy fog (defined as an observation with 1/4 mile visibility or less sometime during
the day.) in Oakland California -  .0002 per second

Number of Earthquakes in the United States  .1 per second

People that die from rabies .8 per second

Firefighters die on duty   .001 per second

Arrested for drunkenness  560,718  6.5 per second

Arrested for prostitution and commercialized vice offenses in us   .73 per second

Number of aggravated assaults in US  4.7 per second

Busted for vandalism in US 2.93 per second

Accused of a drug abuse violation  in US 18.2 per second

Murder or non-negligent manslaughter in US .13 per second

Number of forcible rapes  .23 per second

Number of tornadoes in Oklahoma  .0012 per second

Number of tweets sent on twitter  worldwide 289351.9 per second

Heart transplants .02 per second

Number of deaths 28.1 per second

People who die from Alzheimer's disease .86 per second

Marriages per second 24

Unintentional poisoning deaths .34 per second

Visitors to disneyland 184.1 per second

Have a nice day...

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