Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tipping Point

When I get a bonus from my employer, it is taxed at 50%. When I had to withdraw from my 401k because of hardship the internal revenue service came after me and added interest charges. If I did not pay within 30 days they would take all the money available from my bank account. It did not matter that would cause me to be unable to pay my rent. The cost of a parking ticket is $100. The Santa Clara traffic Court made a mistake in recording a fix-it ticket I received. Although I had attempted to pay the $50 fine I was told by the traffic clerk there was no fine owed. Two weeks later I got a notice informing me I owed $300 because I had not paid the fine. I had an opportunity to despute. I replied, telling them the conversation I had with the clerk, her name, and proof I had been at the court. 2 days later they replied saying they had 'investigated' my claim, it was denied. There was no name, no information on how to persue the matter any further just an amount due. They filed paperwork to take the money from my bank account 2 weeks later and did so, without my consent. I applied for an apartment last week. I was denied because the credit agency they used said I was not approved. I have lived on my own since I was 18, I am now 42 I have never failed to pay my rent, I have never broke a lease. I have never been without a job.I do not have any outstanding debt. I do not use credit cards. One reason I was turned down was because my daughter, who is 18 has not established a credit history yet.Bank of America insists on creating the circumstances that make it possible to steal money from me. My overdraft protection covers funds in the correct order as to cause my account to have insufficient funds as many times as possible to result in the highest amount of charges to my account.
 I am about fed up with credit agencies being able to speak for my character. I am sick of banks who, when forced to treat me in a fair manner, find another way to add charges to my transactions. I am sick of lobbists making choices that override any votes from the people.
 It is about time something was done. If they won't check themselves then we need to create some balance. Pass it on.

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