Monday, September 6, 2010

For the hate of god

A lot of people have been asking me why I hate god. I don't hate god. If I were to hate god then I would also have to say I hate the little green men who live in my underwear drawer. I don't hate those little green men because I don't believe they are there. I do hate what organized religion has done to many of the people who live on this planet with me. I do not hate all aspects of religion, that would be stupid.
Religion, does, and has done some good things.
It serves as a way for a lot of people to socialize, a way for them to help others, and religion has stopped some people from doing things that would harm others.
Sure you can say that religion has also given people an excuse to harm others. I can't prove that religion has caused people to do more good than harm, no one can, because we are not able to read people's minds and know for sure.
Religion has also done some bad things.
The fairy tales told in many religious books keep people from considering reality, in my opinion. If you believe a magic man is going to come and save humanity some day then you tend to be lazy in trying to help humanity while you are around. It is much easier to sit around with your arms behind your head saying 'jesus will be here soon and it will all be okay' than to try and progress using science and your thought process.
Now, let's go back to my first line- Do I hate god?
If god is the god as described in any of the religions I know of so far, no, I don't hate him. He will not be someone I will worship or obey. I will however pity him...
Maybe I can get him to go live in my underwear drawer.

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