Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The book is on fire

Terry Jones wants to burn a book. No, he is not doing it to keep warm or to make sure his chicken dinner gets cooked enough.
He is burning a book in protest of 9/11.
The problem is the book is not to blame and his need to burn it could very well do more harm than good.
I can understand the anger some people feel towards the muslim religion, when you lose people you love it is natural to lash out at anything or anyone that could be associated with that loss. That does not mean the anger is directed correctly.
What Terry Jones knows about the muslim religion, by his own admission, has been learned through you tube.
Terry did not lose any member of his family on 9/11, where has his hate and need to burn books come from?
In my opinion it is Terry imitating the very people he is against. Extremists.
Burning the Koran is an act which will do no good, it will not make any point except that we can be as stupid as anyone else.
Burning a book, any book, for any reason is not a good thing in my opinion.


  1. What he seems to be doing is a knee-jerk reaction based upon his religious brainwashing and then lapping up the attention his insignificance doesn't deserve. The media loves this kind of circus. Refer to the Don Henley song, "Dirty Laundry". All that even the threat of this action will do is to further stoke the fires of hatred in jihadists. In the end, everyone loses, including the lives of soldiers, including those from my country, Canada.

  2. It is his right to do this wether we like it or not. The problem I keep seeing is that people will put the reactions of others at his doorstep instead of realizing that if the jihadists get futher stocked that is their responsibility and they will get upset at whatever they choose. Think of why we are fighting there in the first place becasue of a warped religious values sytem that is based on Sharia law. Now I only get my info from reading the quran and other related books.

    People forget this is a religious /geo political syatem that will not bend and futhers their agenda through violence. Look at the reactions to drawing Mohammed.

    I personally have burned a bible for a music video I have done. It was done for artistic purposes as it provided a great flame background in some shots. Also it was designed to be controversial to raise conversation. Was it ok for them to burn books when they made Indian Jone 3.

    Terry Jones is responsible for his actions as I am for mine but he is not responsible for the reactions of others that is their choice.